Awesome Things Volume Two.

I’ve managed to collect a few interesting things from about the Intrawebz to share with you again. Here’s what I found particularly good these last few weeks:

From Thought Catalog: Reading about these Untranslatable Words that Have to do with Love really inspired me to want to make a short story based on each word. There’s thirteen of them, too, so they’d make for a great collection. The Language of Love, indeed.

From The Wire: In either the greatest idea or the biggest tease ever for a writer who loves to travel and work on a train, Amtrak considers the idea of residency for writers. Considering how much I plan to be travelling on those trains now, this is a dream. Edit: From the time I first came across this to the time of posting it, apparently, it’s a thing now! Guess who is going to apply be the end of the day? THIS LADY.

From The Meta Picture: 20 Books You Wouldn’t Believe Are Real. I actually own Kat Kong; wish I owned all of them. ALL OF THEM.

From Just Something: 30 Hilarious Cat Struggles. This is basically my life wrapped up in cute cat pictures, so…

From Kristen Lamb: Lessons from Oleander: The Dangers of Premature Editing. This, this, and this. My boyfriend is currently trying to get a book started, but keeps going back because he “doesn’t like” what he’s written, and I’ve told him, too bad. Just keep writing. Kristen Lamb has really done a great job of expressing why letting our inner editor take control is a bad thing until it’s expressly time to edit. And I’m really giving thought to the two-week fast draft she mentions here, too.


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