100 Books: Legacy.

“She was practical. She knew how to walk down strange roads, now. She’d come this far. She didn’t have to cling to Dag like a drowning woman clutching the only branch in the torrent.”

The Sharing Knife Volume Two: Legacy” by Lois McMaster Bujold

While the second volume in Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Sharing Knife quartet warmed me up to it a little bit, I still feel that it lacks the charm and mastery of her Chalion books. First off, I question whether a rather awkward sex scene between our two main characters is really the strongest way to draw us in from the get-go, and the main plot of the story dances a little too close to a conventional story device for my comfort. In this next installment, we see the other side of the coin of Dag Hickory Redwing and Fawn Bluefield’s unconventional, star-crossed marriage: they travel to Hickory Lake, where the prejudices of Dag’s Lakewalker community make Fawn’s farmer family seem gosh-darn welcoming by comparison. This sets us up for one of those plucky stories where the ambitiously spunky farm girl must diligently work against adversity to show that her go-get-them spirit and golly-gee-whiz tenacity wins over the hard-hearted community that rejects her and her otherness.

Thankfully, blissfully, wonderfully, Bujold doesn’t make it that easy for Fawn, though there’s no shortage of her pluckiness earning her stripes in the eyes of some of the more lenient Lakewalkers. It was very cool to get a look at how different Lakewalkers were from farmers, though, a lot of times, I felt that their dislike of farmers felt more forced than natural. The best parts of the story are when we get away from the homestead into a new trouble of blight far off, where some very intriguing things happen that I hope develop into something bigger and better in the next four books.

We’ve gotten the origins and Fawn’s side of things in Beguilement; Legacy uncovers Dag strange situation. In the next book, we have the two of them travelling together, so who knows where this will lead? For all the disappointments I’ve felt with this series so far, I’m still interested to see what happens next, a good sign that it’s not all that bad for all the criticism I give it.

Books read: 003/100.

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