World Unknown Review Reboot!

As I’ve been talking about ad nauseum here on the blog, my focus on becoming a full time writer starts next month when I finally say good-bye to the dreaded Day Job. This means putting a new focus on creating more content (my biggest faux pas at the moment), getting back in touch with writerly and readerly networks, and just exploring different avenues of revenue and promoting my work more. Returning to my flopped idea of a literary journal and anthology is one of the major things on that list, so I’d like to announce a new dedication to seeing an inaugural edition of World Unknown Review by the end of the year.

That’s right. Submissions for 2014 are now open! The deadline is October 31st, with a tentative publishing date of December 31st, so there’s plenty of time. In the meantime, though, there will be a great deal of promotion going on, which is where I failed miserably in 2013. There will be posts (so many post!), maybe guest spots, maybe interviews. There will be a Kickstarter campaign, maybe two (depending how the first goes). The Review is going to be at the first and foremost of my mind, and I sincerely hope my faithful readers are some of the first to take a stab at it and submit some fantastic fiction or artwork.

I’m passing on a theme for this issue, and probably subsequent issues as well. Just send your best, send what you’d really like to show off to the world, and help make this an annual tradition of greatness in independent writing.


  1. I thought about this the last time, but I’m not sure I have time. Or if my work is even what you might be looking for. I’m not sure of the length you need. Tell me more about the Kickstarter thing.

    • Honestly, I’d love a little bit of everything for the review. The more variety, the better! I want it to be mostly about focusing on a wide range of people passionate about their work. Depending on the number of submissions, I might even be interested in doing some novellas or excerpts, too. So, yeah, if you do find time or come up with something, submit! Might as well, right?

      I’ll talk more about the Kickstarter in a few months when I plan on running it. Basically, it’ll be raising funds to help support the publication of the WUR, as well as payments for the authors and future editions. Incentives for donations will be along the lines of free promotional blurbs in the publication or even guaranteed spots. I’m kind of excited to see how it goes, since it’ll be a new venture for me.

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