Awesome Things Volume One.

Sometimes, trolling around the Intrawebz, I find things that are incredible and want to share them, but, very often, there not enough to build a whole post on or the original content is really best speaking for itself. So, this year, I’m going to also be doing some Awesome Things posts, a round-up of things I thought were awesome and want to share, but without turning it into a big old post.


From Thought Catalog: Love in the Time of the Internet is a beautifully poignant piece by Tasnim Ahmed about our disconnect through technology, hindering our ability to truly connect with another person. My boyfriend and I were just talking about this recently, because I’m so grateful to have someone I can truly share my life with even in this age. “Nothing can compare to the feeling of waking up together, beside each other,” says Ahmed, and I couldn’t agree more.

From Slate: As someone who cherishes a childhood of exploring the wilderness and pretending to fight dragons and be an explorer, it warmed my heart to read about Forest Kindergarten. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without my own woodland experiences, so this is just really cool to read.

From BuzzFeed: Not that I want to propegate judging things on a superficial basis, but this breakdown on fashion on the Baby-Sitters Club covers was an awesome trip down memory lane.

From Slightly Viral: I never thought Gummi Bear reviews would make me nearly piss myself laughing, and yet…

From Storify: The Best and Worst Ways for Authors to Spend their Money. I have a feeling, if I truly do cut to part-time work to focus on my writing career, these great Tweets are going to be a big help.

From Gurl: If the American Girl dolls were in Modern Day. Another kick of nostalgia right to my heart, this is a very cool and inspired concept. I should subscribe to American Girl catalogs again. I spent soooooo many hours dreaming up wish lists and stories with these girls.

And, finally, from Tor: As if I needed another reason to love Neville Longbottom, this article from Emily Asher-Perrin is just the icing on the cake. Just like Neville (and, okay, Mary Poppins), it’s practically perfect in every way.

What else of interest is floating around the Intrawebz? Got anything else to share?

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