Okay, Life. You Win. For Now…

Funny how time flies. Not so much from having fun in this instance, but from just having too much damn stuff to do. Here we sit, halfway through February already, and I’m boggling on how it felt like just the other day, it was January and I was setting lofty and impressive goals for myself, goals that have, naturally, been shuffled around and reconsidered a gazillion times over.

Remember all that talk about quitting my job for part time work? Well, I’ve only put in about an application a week, so the job hunt hasn’t been too intense, but that’s partially because I know that if I want to quit what I’m doing now, it better be for something I’ll love. I’ve been picky. Meanwhile, things have been stirring themselves up in my company, and they’re going to send me to a different store at the end of February, as a “trial run” to see if they want to make me General Manager of that store. Okay, so, while part of me pleads with every fiber of its being to get out, I’m in the running for a big promotion, one that will take even more of my time, but will be financially smart. Damn. I’m going to go ahead and give it a try. If it goes well, awesome, I’ll keep it up and maybe I just needed a change of pace. If it doesn’t…well, all the more reason to duck out and bid adieu. Even though the store is a very looooong distance from where I currently live (thankfully, they’re going to cover me for gas), it is a low volume store, when I’ve only worked at high volume stores. That in itself seems like a bit of a relief, and, if it does turn out to be a permanent fixture, I’ve scoped out some cute apartments in that area already and so maybe I don’t necessarily need to get OUT of my Day Job, I just need to mix it up a little. Guess we’ll find out in March. This whole thing has been an excellent test of my patience, that’s for sure. Not to mention, there’s talk of another trip to Atlanta, and I certainly wouldn’t want to miss that…

On the writing front (since that’s why we’re all here, after all, rather than silly workplace craziness), things have been getting steadily better. I haven’t been able to promote Bowlful of Bunnies as much as I was hoping (oh, the suspense! Will she make a sale by the end of this month? WILL SHE??), but I’m hoping to squeeze some of that in today. I still haven’t been writing nearly as much as I want to, either, being distracted by so much going on, but I’ve been making some small strides there, too, and getting back into the habit of scribbling at least a page before bed. I’m also about half-way through a sort of modern retelling of “Rumpelstiltskin” that ties in a little with my Goldilocks tale “Just Right.” I’m hoping that, if I don’t finish it today, I at least get fairly close. I’ll also be participating in my first Blog Tour coming up in April, so keep an eye out for that! I’m fairly certain I’m finally nearing the end of the rough draft for Soulless, which is particularly exciting because that’s a series I know I want to self-publish. If I can wrap it up and start editing within the next few months, it just might be ready to release by the end of the year.

What else is going on out there in the blogosphere? I know Lauralynn Elliott just had a big ol’ Facebook party for the release of her new book Hearts of Evil. I unfortunately missed the meat of it, but it looked like everyone had a blast. The synopsis sounds great; I’m definitely downloading it if I ever get the time to check out my Kindle and see if I can bring it back to life (or just get another new one!).

Anything else I’ve missed?


  1. Thanks for the mention, L.S. The party was a blast. I would recommend authors trying this at least once. 🙂

    I think the decision to try out the new store first is a good one. If you don’t like it, you can do something else later. If this store is lower volume, it might be less stressful and take up less time. At least your brain might not be fried at the end of the day.

    Here’s some advice. Get some of those other things published. It’s VERY hard to generate sales based on one collection of short stories, so don’t get discouraged. Write, write, write, and publish. The more you have out there, the more potential for sales. And keep interacting on FB like you’ve been doing. Have you joined any groups there? This is a long, long road. But it’s an interesting one, so keep walking…or running if you choose. 🙂

    I wish both of us could quit our jobs and just WRITE. But…real life.

    • I think my journey right now is done is short bursts of sprints. There are times when I just can’t interact in social media as much as I’d like, but then there are days like today when I just hit everything hard and running. Little bursts and pockets of activity, and the real trick is getting it a little more consistent and steady.

      The importance of having MORE available is definitely not lost on me, but I have the affliction of being a very SLOW writer. I’m always boggling at people who can pump out three releases in a year while I’m struggling to just finish something in a year. Part of it is time, part of it is a propensity for perfection, and there’s probably a million other parts, too. Serpent in a Cage has been a project for more than a decade. Bowlful of Bunnies was a collection of things written in the span of ten years. So, yeah. Definitely have a problem in producing content, but I’m determined to get something else out this year, whether it’s finally a novel, or just another collection of stories. One short story a month=twelve stories=enough for a collection by December. Slowly, but surely, I’ll get there.

      …So what am I doing here, typing this response? I should get back to producing that content.

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