Blog Block.

Ever have that feeling like you’re all ready to be productive, get stuff done, so you open up your Internet browser, thinking, this is going to be an accomplished day? Then you pull up WordPress, open up a new post, sitting there blank and ready, an open canvas. You poise your fingers eagerly over the keys, ready to type, and then…nothing. You’re ready to type, but you realize you have nothing to type. You have plenty to say, but you realize you don’t have the words. You want to post something, but you have no idea what to fill that big white space with.

You are suffering from a big old case of Blog Block, and that is precisely the predicament I am in right now. Thankfully, Blog Block is not the same as Writer’s Block, which means that, while I can’t seem to think of a good topic for a blog post, I am having no trouble writing actual stories right now, which is why I’m not too concerned. But I’ve been putting up with this blog block long enough to want to write a post about it, and that’s just annoying. Every time I think of a topic, I found myself either bored halfway through (an if I’m bored, I can’t imagine how my readers will feel) or doubting that anyone would be interested in reading it in the first place. So I stop, and it’s back to square one.

Ironically, the most common and effective cure for Blog Block is to write about Block Block. It’s like the anti-Fight Club. It’s not the first time I’ve just blogged about the fact that I can’t think of anything to blog, either. What I’m definitely not going to do is complain, because, while the blog may be collecting some dust these past few days, my notebooks haven’t. If all my creative energy is going into producing manuscripts rather than blog content, I’m definitely considering that a good thing.


    • Blog Block is really ironic like that, and, yes! I need to get some new material out there in the world already, so, listen here, blog, sometimes, you’re just gonna have to wait.

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