Snow Day!!!

Here in Chicagoland…err, I mean, Chiberia, we’re experiencing record cold temperatures. Naturally, schools are closed, events are canceled, but in our crazy consumerism world, shopping malls are still open. I work at one of those, an outdoor mall, to boot, so I almost had to work today, but my Florida-native general manager managed to convince the higher-ups to give us the day off and not open the store today. Now I got to enjoy a much-needed day off yesterday to get some cleaning, some cooking, some reading and writing done, and it was divine. But there’s one big problem…

…I don’t get paid to stay at home.

It seems that, no matter how much I try to budget or restrict my spending, I never seem to be making enough. I basically clear out my paychecks entirely every month, between rent, bills, food, and whatever else comes my way. I work pretty steadily at my job, though I’ve realized that, for how much I work, I’m not getting paid nearly enough. As a result, one unscheduled day off means a sizable dent in my budget. Besides making me wring my hands, it’s gotten me thinking that what really needs to happen is that I need to find that money elsewhere. The question is, where?

The obvious answer is my writing, but there’s an issue with the obvious answer, too. I don’t have a great grasp on my marketing yet, and I only have but one book to offer. On the plus side, Bowlful of Bunnies is extremely cheap, so buying it isn’t much of a burden on anyone’s wallet. The idea that I would sell enough copies in a day to make up for what I would have made at work yesterday is absurd, but every little bit helps. While the air outside is freezing, hopefully my assets don’t have to. Yes, this is a promotional post. Yes, this is basically me begging any readers who haven’t already picked up a copy of BoB to do so. Yes, this is posted with the shameless hope that maybe one of my readers will toss a little shout-out for the collection into the ether and see if anyone goes for it. No, I’m not expecting a lot. Every bit helps.

Here’s a helpful link:

Thanks in advance! I’m off to try to scrounge up the money elsewhere by attempting to get some short stories finished for journals, which….is very, very rarely successful. Wish me luck!


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