NaNoWriMo Report Card.

NaNoWriMo word count goal: 50,000
NaNoWriMo word count reached: 22,033
NaNoWriMo grade: F

So, National Novel Writing Month for me this year was not exactly spectacular. I didn’t even reach the halfway point, which is probably one of my worst showings so far. The thing is, though, I’m not too concerned about it because, while I didn’t get much done on this particular project, I still got 22,000 words done and I did not slack off on my other projects. In fact, ironically, I felt I got more writing done on the other projects when I was working on NaNoWriMo this month. Funny how that works out.

I think the fact this post isn’t going up until well after the end of the event is a good indication of how crazy it’s been. And that’s okay. While I don’t intend on continuing my NaNoWriMo piece right now (I’d rather go back to fully concentrating on the other projects), I still have a good chunk of something started, waiting for me to pick it back up when some of these current projects reach completion. It’s always a good thing to have a lot of options, I feel, so NaNo helps me create some cushion to fall back on in the future.

Looking back, I think the real issue with getting further toward the 50k goal was a lack of enthusiasm for the piece itself. Coming up to NaNo, I didn’t know what I wanted to work on, especially since I was working on so many other things, and I just went with a random idea that had popped up in a discussion with my boyfriend. It was a cool (secret project involving injecting our food with chemicals that give some people super powers), but it wasn’t planned out, it wasn’t developed, and, more often than not, I was just rambling on with whatever came to mind that day. There was no real story or endgame, just a concept and that, I feel, was the ultimate reason why it didn’t get very far. I just wasn’t “feeling it.” Towards the end of the month, a plot turn occurred and started to give it some momentum, so I definitely have somewhere to go next time I decided to dig it up.

So, dear readers, how did you fare this November? Did you participate in NaNoWriMo? What were the results? What plot did you concoct and do you intend to keep working on it through December, or is it being shelved for a future project? Let’s hear what you’ve got!


  1. With NaNoWriMo, I think what matters most is that you actually sit down and write. Even with 22,000 words, I think you achieved that goal!
    As for me, this is my second 50,000 words in a month attempt, and my first success!
    I still need like 15,000 words to finish the novel though, so that will be all I work for this entire week.
    Good luck in your future writing endeavors!

      • Thank you, it does feel great! Just have to find a way to keep the momentum going.
        And keeping at it for many years is an achievement on itself . Anyone can have a random month of passion/energy/free timd…true greatness comes from years and years of continued labor!

  2. Hey, you wrote some words. So no fail.

    Although I didn’t do NaNo, I actually had a self-imposed November 30 deadline for my WIP. I wrote THE END on November 30. It stills needs some work, especially the corny way I ended it. LOL

    • The work is NEVER finished after “The End.” But whoo hoo! Great job making the goal, Lauralynn. December should officially be NaNoEdMo…National Novel EDITING Month,

  3. I managed to finish this time, the story at least. I am doing a cursory edit now to make sure the basics are there; then I need to write the appendix of recipes ( it’s a culinary themed cozy.) my new goal is to workshop it by the end if the month. Right now, however, my schedule is like yours – crazy. And, my in-laws came for an extended visit. Oye.

  4. I hit the 50K with one day to spare. I still have about 30K left to finish the novel though so the slog isn’t over yet. I’m trying for the much more acheivable pace of 500 words a day until it’s done (not having the time to read or watch movies during NaNo almost killed me!). Thus far it’s stayed fairly true to my outline, I hadn’t plotted out the ending before NaNo though (i knew I wouldn’t get that far) so I’ve been working on that this week and I think I have the kinks sorted.

  5. I reached 50k on 11/21. I wrote The End on 11/30 at a little short of 82k. First time I’ve finished a first draft in a month. I did have it pretty well plotted out ahead of time and this was a complete rewrite of something I wrote last year/early this year but really struggled with the first time. I like it a lot better this time. I’m taking this week to fill in some missing details(like names or facts I need to research) then I’ll let it sit before I go back to edit.

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