Artist Quotes: Picasso.

“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” –Pablo Picasso.

Ever notice how you seem to have your best ideas when you’re too busy doing something else? This quote from Pablo Picasso brings that to mind a little, sort of like the quote from Agatha Christie that the “best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” Inspiration always seems to come when you’re actively doing something. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you happen to already be doing the thing that inspires you, leading you to write a great scene or filled up a canvas with a truly brilliant, inspired piece. More often than not, though, if you’re anything like me, inspiration finds you working at something else…Day Job, traffic jam, cleaning the house.

Usually, it’s something that I can’t just stop and seize the inspiration, but, sometimes, it strikes right where it should, when I’m already in the process of creating, and that’s when the truly exciting stuff happens. When do you feel inspiration usually strikes? Are you able to drop everything and pursue the Muse? Or does she take her visits when you’re incapacitated in some way, catching you while you’re working? What’s your best method of making the most of your Muse when she finds you working?

And me, I’m going to get back to working. Wouldn’t want to miss Inspiration when it comes by!


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