Review: The Missing Madonna.

“Jimmy was the type, Mary Helen had been told, who could sell snow to the Eskimos. As a matter of fact, he had started out selling purses. ‘There’s a lot of money in purses,’ Lucy often quipped.”

The Missing Madonna: A Sister Mary Helen Mystery” by Sister Carol Anne O’Marie

What’s not to love about an old nun solving murder mysteries? Especially when that old nun is accompanied by a collection of other sassy elderly ladies hunting down the truth about their missing friend?

In my second of the Sister Mary Helen Mysteries, my adoration for this series grew even more, though it was definitely far from perfect. In this volume, we discover that our plucky old protagonist from the first book is a member of OWLs, which has nothing to do with Ordinary Wizard Levels and everything to do with Older Women’s League, and one of the members has gone missing. It’s up to Sister Mary Helen, Sister Eileen, and the other lovingly eccentric OWLs to get to the bottom of things, much to the chagrin of the local law authorities who would much prefer the old bats mind their own business, but, without them, they know it would wind up on the cold case floor.

The cast of characters extends to a colorful group of ladies and a few new gents to make this little slice of San Francisco such a pleasure to visit, and while there’s a certain hokey quality to O’Marie’s prose at times, I find myself more often delighted by how tongue-in-cheek and rather self-aware it is. It’s Murder, She Wrote with nuns, and I find myself very eager to say I’d love to see this on a television show. In the meantime, I’ll just be satisfied with the books. Entertaining and somewhat impressive, I don’t recommend letting this Madonna go missing.

Books read: 028/100.

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