Review: The Eternal Ice.

“When the mother considers her daughter’s future and the daughter sits at her mother’s grave. That is when decisions are reached. That is when history is made.”

Magic: The Gathering, Ice Age Cycle Book II: The Eternal Ice” by Jeff Grubb

One things about the Ice Age Cycle that immediately made me like it, other than the scholarly epithets beginning each chapter, was the fact that, between Book I and Book II, not a whole lot of time has passed. The people who were around and alive in Book I are still in Book II, which, for most of the Magic: the Gathering cycles, has been pretty darn rare. M:tG deals a lot with planeswalkers, immortal beings that survive through ages, so, usually, there are hundreds, if not thousands of years, spanning between books, so the characters are all new, the world has changed, and the strongest connecting factor in the books is the planeswalker in question.

We follow Jodah from the first book and, at first, it certainly seems as though many years have passed, that Jodah has actually died and was brought back to life, but things are much more complicated than that and he is reunited with his friend Jaya to discover the next threat on Dominaria. Since the last book, devastation has swept the land and it’s up to the two of them to travel the world to discover the best way to heal things and defeat the newest threat to the world, as the ice grows thicker and the days grow darker.

While the characters from the first book continued to the second (though not all of them made it, to be sure), there are also new characters in this book that I really found myself intrigued by. The war-torn world is an interesting one, and you can see the alliances building and the danger growing stronger. It’s also very intriguing to have the world buckled down in a freeze like in this Age. It’s a great intermediate book between the beginning and the end of this cycle, and I’m fairly fond of the story. Sometimes, the main characters of Jodah and Jaya seem to fit the typical heroic niches of their story, but the supporting cast makes up for it in this one.

Books read: 027/100.

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