And We’re Off..

Today is, of course, November First, which, in addition to Candy Hangover Recovery, is the start of National Novel Writing Month. I participate every year, though I’ve yet to “win” one. I came incredibly close last year, and I have a great feeling about this year, too, so perhaps this is the year it happens. My productivity has increased significantly since I started dedicating myself more to my writing, so 1667 words a day, 50,000 by the end of the month feels incredibly do-able right now.

Right now. Ahem. We’ll see how I feel when we get a little closer to December.

I’m mostly excited because I’ve been feeling the urge to work on something new and shiny but have told myself to focus on the seven projects already under my belt. NaNo gives me a great excuse to sneak in that eighth one and not feel guilty about it. I played around with the idea of trying to go back to some of the other projects I’ve struggled with in the past, but decided it would be best to tackle some new material. The title is still elusive, as is much of the details, but the overall plot is the creation of superhumans, helped along by science due to the belief that perhaps humans have reached an evolutionary plateau and need a little bit of a nudge. The main character is a girl who has been targeted as a potential superhuman but she, for some reason, is not affected by the serum that is working just fine for everyone else. It’ll be interesting to see where it might lead; I’m taking a very casual “let the words take me” approach this year.

Naturally, I’m also interested in what other people are tackling this NaNo. What’s your plot? How’d you come about it? Are you taking a pass on this year? What’s your previous track record with NaNo and have any of them turned into full-fledged books? Let’s have ourselves a little NaNo chat!


  1. Well, LS, I’m a newbie and a rebel all at once. I’m writing a memoir, because that’s what’s bursting out of the brain at the moment. I decided at the last minute to sign up (about 2pm yesterday), so I am flying by the seat of my pants.

    I have only promised myself that I will write everyday, and not edit until December. I can’t handle wordcount very well, so I’m keeping my eyes off the 1667. I’ll freeze if I glimpse that Medusa.

    Here’s to November!

    • Hear, hear! I think it’s important to follow where the Muse is leading you, be it a memoir in your case or, in mine, a random idea thrown about between me and my boyfriend. Best of luck! You’re spot on that the key is to just write EVERY DAY and keep on keeping on until the end.

  2. Best of luck with the crazy ride of NaNo.. may you screech right up to the finish line with 50k under your belt. 🙂 I’m taking this year out from it, myself. Too much on. X

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