Horror in 140 Characters or Less.

I always love coming across interesting little bit of writerly fun out there. Twitter has been both a source of entertainment and a source of torment for me, but, every so often, one of these pop up that make me grateful I have an account. The Penny Dreadful is doing a neat little Twitter competition this month that’s definitely worth a look and could be a lot of fun.

Basically, put together one line of horror and tweet it with #PDHorror. At the end of October, they’ll choose and repost their ten favorites. Check out their website. They’ve got some great suggestions. I’ve thrown one into the mix so far, but realized that I did it in more than one line, so I probably disqualified that one. But I’m really excited to stretch my brain and see what else I can craft up.

Feel free to share your entries here, too! I probably won’t get a chance to read through all the entries on the tags, but I’d love to get some ghoulish delights from your own twisted brains. ‘Tis the season for spoopy stories and ghostly yarns, and a few good horror movies thrown into the mix, too.

Happy writing!

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