Review: Carrie.

” ‘No. It’s not very important. High school isn’t a very important place.’ “

Carrie” by Stephen King.

Continuing my trend of finally getting around to reading some of those iconic books that should be in my repertoire, (and just in time for a remake of the classic movie I already know and love, no less), I’ve recently picked up and completely devoured Stephen King’s iconic fist novel, Carrie. I’ve always been fascinated by Brian de Palma’s 1976 vision, yet I’ve never had a chance to pick up the book that inspired it until just recently.

I’m pleased to report that it did not disappoint. Though I feel like the whole book is sort of like an overworked example of how awful female menstruation is and that kids are basically jerks, I enjoyed it immensely. It was fascinating to compare the book and the movie, and I found that I liked different things in each version of the tale, yet I felt pretty surprised on how close they were. I’m also excited to see the new remake; it looks fairly shot-for-shot, which I might say is superfluous, but I love the movie, I love Chloe Grace Moritz, and I especially love Julianne Moore. Perhaps I’m now hoping they’ll add in more of what was left out of the book.

A solid story, with interesting storytelling…the main story is intersperced with book excerpts and articles about the big prom nightmare, which helps the book be suspenseful, even for people who know what’s coming. I think King did a pretty great job of capturing the various different characters, especially in handling social misfit Carrie, who is much more malicious in the book than the movie (another detail I rather liked). There’s also a certain novelty in knowing that this was King’s first book. This is what started it all.

Books read: 012/100.


  1. My high school librarian recommended this book to me when I was a teenager. I’ve been a Stephen King fan ever since. King’s strong point, for me, is his character development. I’ve never read anyone who could make me feel for the characters like “The King”.

    • I figured that, if there was anyone out there to be a Carrie fan, it would be you, Lauralynn. I know King’s a big influence in your work, but I think even if I didn’t know that, I’d always think of your work when I read one of his. 🙂

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