Recipe: Vegan Mushroom Curry.

Lately, I have become One of THOSE people. One of which people, you may ask? One of THOSE, the type of people who post pictures of their culinary adventures online. So far, most people don’t seem to mind and I’ve been given accolades by my coworkers for my fine cooking finesse. One of my friends has even requested I share a recipe with him, leading me to become ANOTHER type of THOSE people….the type of person who post recipes on their “author” blogs…Though, really, I’ve been talking a lot about my journey into veganism here, anyway, because it’s becoming a fairly integral part of my life. It’s making me more conscious of what I eat and, on a broader level, how I live and how I’m going about things in my life. If that doesn’t make good blog fodder, I don’t know what does.

Though I had some difficulty finding the original recipe, I modified it enough that it called for my own rewrite of it, anyway. So, here you have it, my mushroom curry recipe, the one that led me to discover that curry is incredibly easy, fairly cheap, and now I constantly want to curry all the vegetables! Have a look, give it a try, tell me what you think!

-1 box of mushrooms, half chopped, half sliced
-3 cloves garlic, shaved or finely chopped
-fresh ginger, shaved
-1/2 sweet or white onion, chopped
-1/2 potato, chopped
-several carrots, chopped
-some kale, radishes, celery, or really any other vegetable you’d like to include
-1 tbsp cayenne pepper
-1 tbsp cumin
-1 tbsp tumeric
-1 can coconut milk
-1 can diced tomatoes
-a good few tbsp olive oil
-a cup or two of jasmine rice


1. Prepare rice according to instructions, to have ready by the time the curry is finished. You might want to start this later, depending on how long you want to allow the curry to simmer.
2. In a large, flat pan, heat oil and begin to sautee garlic, ginger, and onions (you can also use a garlic-ginger or a garlic-chili paste).
3. Add tomatoes and dry spices, stirring in and sauteeing until soft. I like to use diced tomatoes with chilis and celery already mixed in for added layers of flavor.
4. Add mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables (except for leafy greens) to the mix, stir, and let sautee for a few minutes, until the mushrooms become cooked and tender.
5. Add coconut milk, stir in thoroughly, and let start to bubble. When it does, lower the heat to medium/medium low.
6. Add leafy greens to wilt and allow curry to simmer for desired amount of time, stirring occasionally. The longer it simmers, the thicker it will become. I prefer to let mine simmer for a longer time.
7. Serve curry over rice and enjoy!

Since this recipe is modified from another recipe, I encourage you to modify it to your own tastes as well, especially if you have anything to share to improve my own experience! Go forth, and enjoy great curry.

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