Introducing: the World Unknown Review.

I have been sitting on this idea for a while now, since the beginning of the year, and, as we head into June, the middle of the year, I realized that I’d better get my butt moving on it if I wanted to accomplish this idea before 2013’s eventual conclusion (which is likely to happen much sooner than anticipated).

It’s time to announce the arrival of my very own annual literary anthology, World Unknown Review. Well, not the arrival yet. I plan to roll this puppy out at the end of the year in December, and, in the meantime, I need your stories. What’s an anthology without a good selection of fantastic stories to bolster it and make it incredible?

Every year, World Unknown Review will feature a different theme. In the spirit of starting a new tradition, beginning something new, and taking those first steps on a voyage from which you can’t turn back, I’ pleased to announce that our debut theme will be one that has resonated in the hearts and minds of people since one little British girl took a tumble into a land of wonder. Down the Rabbit-Hole. Inspired by the iconic image of Lewis Carroll’s Alice following the White Rabbit into Wonderland, the flagship edition of WUR will explore that moment when you can’t turn back, when you’ve fallen down the rabbit-hole into something new and strange and life-changing. How do we find the rabbit-hole? How do we make the decision to venture forth? Do we realize what we’re getting ourselves into, and how can we possibly get ourselves out?

I’m thrilled to see what the possibility of the WUR will bring. In addition to being a part of a new indie publication with the sole intent to promote fellow writers, any writer chosen to be published will receive three (3) copies of the anthology for themselves as well as a payment of $15 (USD). It’s not much, no, but I definitely want to offer compensation of helping to make my dream of putting out an annual literary anthology possible.

Here are the rules:

1. Entries must be submitted via email to Please send entries with the subject “World Unknown Review Submission.” Entries may be sent in the body of the email or as a Word or .txt file.
2. All entries must be submitted before the deadline, October 31st, 2013
3. There is no limit on word count, though moderately sized stories stand a better chance.
4. There is no obligation to follow the theme of Down the Rabbit-Hole, though the more the entry fits the theme, the more likely it is to be considered, with regards to quality as well.
5. Final decisions are purely on the opinion of the editor of the collection, L.S. Engler.
6. Please include a small blurb about yourself for the eventual publication.
7. Spread the word! Okay, technically, this is not a rule, but please spread the news around that the World Unknown Review is looking for submissions. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of something new and exciting.

We will also be accepting submissions for cover art, original drawings or photographs that might be chosen for the cover of the WUR’s first issue. Due to the important nature of a cover, the payment for the winning photograph or artwork will be $25. Again, the greater the relevance to the theme, the more likely it is to be chosen, though any variety of images will be happily considered.

This is an exciting new project I’ve been mulling over since last year, and I’m thrilled to finally kickstart it and get it going! Please share this opportunity with fellow writers and help make the World Unknown Review a reality. My most heartfelt thanks and the best of luck to those who submit their work for consideration! I look forward to seeing where this might lead us!

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