Dreams of C2E2.

This last weekend marked one of my favorite weekends of the entire year: the weekend that the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (commonly referred to as C2E2) rolls into town! I’ve gone every year since I moved down to this area, and this year was definitely not an exception, though we did make the grave mistake of getting only a one-day pass. It is nearly impossible to get the full experience on just Saturday; this year turned me into a three-day passer for life.

(Image from David Ngo)

This year, I even delved into the cosplay a little bit. Here’s my roommate and I doing an attempt at humanized version of My Little Ponies Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Granted, some of the costumes at C2E2 are incredible, and ours only scratches the surface of the wonder of what people can put together to bring their favorite characters to life. I’m constantly astounded by the costumes at this thing; they’re one of my favorite parts of the convention!

My other favorite part? Artist Alley. There’s always a big section of the convention floor devoted to artists, mostly of the comic book persuasion but I’ve seen others, like authors, in the past, to sell and display and promote their work. And I’ve finally decided that I’m going to try to snag myself a table for 2014. By then, I should have at least two books to promote, and I’m brushing up my art skills as well, since art is a much bigger draw than just books themselves. Since the convention just finished last weekend, it’s a long wait until probably winter before I can even figure out how possible this is, but I’m absolutely itching to get it ready right now. It’ll be a different perspective on the convention for sure, and, while I don’t expect the monetary pay-out to be anything at all, I know for a fact the publicity and exposure, little as it might be, would be completely worth it.

I’m always a big fan of the panels, too, especially the professional ones, but I admit, they tend to take a back seat to the spectacle that is the show floor…

Any of my fellow readers frequent C2E2 goers as well? Or do you have a local entertainment expo/ComiCon you like to partake in? What do you enjoy most? Also, I’m on the look-out for anyone who might want to share table space if I manage to get the spot in 2014. The more, the merrier! Of course, I’d also be happy with anyone just wanting to swig by and say hello, but we’ve got a while to go until then.

You know something is awesome when it’s only just finished, but you already can’t wait for the next one!


  1. I’ve never been to any Con. They always seem like so much fun, though, with all the costumes. That would probably be my favorite part. And maybe I could see Wil Wheaton at one of them. LOL

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