Victor Hugo is Naked.

Since it’s World Book Night, the fascinating interesting literature posted a list of 23 different literary facts of interest. Now, most of them, I knew already, and I would hope that I did considering my college years were spent studying this sort of thing, but one really struck me enough to want to repeat it:

Victor Hugo, author of Les Miserables, liked to write naked. It was said to help with writer’s block.

Well, I’m not quite to the point of writing in my birthday suit, but this particular tidbit did make me feel better about the fact that I do a significant amount of work in my jammies, well before a shower makes me presentable for human contact. In fact, it’s usually only in this state that I seem to be able to focus on my writing, with the exception of if I’m on the train or at the Art Institute. If I’m all showered and spruced up, I can’t seem to focus on sitting down and writing, but in the morning and when I get my tea for bed, some of the best writing happens, all in my PJs.

I also seem to have very specific writing places. My “desk” is my bed (maybe that’s why bedtime attire is required?), and on the train or in the Member’s Lounge tends to be the other places I can compose, but no where else.

Isn’t it interesting how we can be such creatures of habit sometimes that only specific conditions will allow us to be efficient and productive? It’s like one must create the perfect storm of this, that, and the other thing to get any work done. Do you feel this way, too? Or are you one of those lucky ones that seem to be able to write no matter what?

Also, I know I haven’t posted in ages. I figured Naked Victor Hugo was a good way to try to inch my way back. And, because I can’t refuse a good visual, here’s a picture of good old Hugo, too, because who wouldn’t want to paint a mental picture of this handsome dude in the buff?

(Image lovingly ganked from Wikipedia)

You’re welcome.

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