The Long and Short of It.

When I was working on my first publication, Bowlful of Bunnies, I thought I’d hit on a pretty good idea. As a collection of short stories, I could easily put together a collection of the short pieces I’d been cultivating and hawking for the past ten years, and then add some newer material to the pages as well.

And I knew, when I finally published, that I wanted to put out at least one book a year, which seems like a reasonable pace, except for the fact that I’m a pretty slow writer. There are seventeen stories in BoB…seventeen stories over the course of about ten years. So when those seventeen stories are used up, what is left? I’ve been working on Serpent in a Cage for ten years, and I’m trying to push that through, but what if that’s not ready in time? What do I do then? I know I can’t pull seventeen more short stories out of my butt in less than a year.

So I got to thinking: maybe I’ll only need to produce one good short story, and I can let others do the rest of the work! Basically, in the long and short of it (ha!), I’m thinking that, if it’s looking like SiaC is still too far off, perhaps I should put together an anthology, open it up to submissions, and have people bring their own work to the table and put it together in a book.

I love anthologies; I love the variety and the introduction to new authors and it’s a great way for people to get involved. I like to think, especially if I start getting back into RoW80, that people would be interested in submitting, too. That leaves just one question, I think…

Should the anthology be themed? Or should it just be open-ended, topic-wise?

Okay, that’s two questions. But they’ve been rolling around in my brain since I thought of doing an anthology. More than likely, if I started it this year, I’d make it a annual thing, too, so having a different theme each year could be a lot of fun, while it being open-ended would allow more freedom and variety of authors.

I’d love to have some thoughts on this. Have you ever submitted for an anthology? Do you like reading anthologies? Do you find you like them more when their focused on a particular topic? What topics would you like to see?

Happy writing, everyone!

Two in a row! I’m getting back in the game. 🙂


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