Back to Business.

Writing, especially in the independent field, is a business. And a business will pretty much go to crap if you don’t tend to it, keep it up, strive to accomplish more and more and more, and generally WORK. Unfortunately, writing is usually not a business that helps you pay your bills right away, so there’s always an “Evil Day Job” that usually gets in the way of making your writing job as successful as your dreams make it out to be.

Though I don’t find my day job too terribly evil, I do know it has been sucking up a lot of my time lately. The last six months or so have been an absolute whirlwind, from working retail during the holiday season to being promoted to a different store and being shipped off for special corporate training for a few weeks, the “Evil Day Job” has essentially taken over the writing work and pushed it aside into the dirt. I still jot down at least a page a day, so writing is still getting done, but I’ve almost entirely abandoned my blog, my social media presence, and my association with other writers and readers.

This is not good.

So, now that the holiday season is over, now that things are quieting down, I am comfortable in my new position and ready for the next but waiting for something to open up, it’s time to get back to writing. Today, I’m making the decision to go back to posting every day (except weekends or days when I can’t borrow the roommate’s computer), interacting every day, perhaps even joining up on the next round of A Round of Words in 80 Days, because I miss it incredibly. I want to start sending stuff out and promoting whatever book decides to be next. I’ve really dropped the ball on this part of my life lately, and it’s time to pick it back up and get it rolling again.

That said, let me take a moment to ask whatever reading might still be hanging out: what do you want to see more of in this blog? Do you like hearing more about projects I’m working on? Cool things I find on the Intrawebz? More book reviews or author quotes or whatever else? I’m interested to see what you think!


  1. First of all, I completely identify with you and your situation. I’ve been so overwhelmed since November that I’ve done nearly nothing with my writing or blog, and it pains me to say that. My wife is off at navy boot camp, and I am left home to work full-time, raise my 5-year-old and 6-year-old daughters, and keep the household afloat. These days, I’m happy when I can just spend a few minutes thinking about my WIP.

    That said, I enjoy all your posts, no matter what the subject. It’s fun to hear what other writers are working on, and is often quite motivating for me. I’m a collector if interesting tidbits, and so fun links to the internet are always appreciated, and book reviews always interest me, as I find myself being drawn toward books I might not otherwise read.

    Don’t fret over circumstances. Just enjoy the moments you get to write, and post here whenever you can… we’ll take whatever you have gladly!

    • Thanks, Mike! Good to know you’re enjoying what I post. And, yeah, next time I’m feeling like I’m too caught up in things, I’ll have to remember that I’m definitely not alone!

  2. Welcome back to writing! 🙂 I am a new follower to this blog and what I would like to read about on this blog is the projects you’re working on and book reviews, thanks.

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