The Forecast for 2013.

Hello, there, Interwebz, how have you been? It’s been a while since I’ve seen much of you, through no fault of your own. I’ve recently just returned from a pretty amazing business trip to Atlanta, and now I’m back, though I wouldn’t exactly say to the usual grind. It’s a new year, I’ve got a new career goal, and I’ve got to do some re-arranging of how I intend to go about the general minutiae of life. Not exactly a small order, but one I’m intending to pursue with verve and vigor.

I’ve already declared on Facebook that this is the year I “finally get my shit together,” though that’s a little unfair, since, let’s be honest, I’ve got my shit pretty well together, all things considered. I’ve always had in in my head that my thirties were going to be incredible, but then I thought, “Why wait until thirty?” So here are the goals I’d like to make for myself to accomplish in 2013. Resolutions, if you will. Because I felt like breaking out of the box and making a list of things to resolve to do at the start of a new year…


I will publish another book this year. I will read at least 100 books this year. I will be promoted to the next level this year in my Regular Job. I will start working out. I will start paying off more of my debt. I will start painting again and I will indulge in the things that make me happy. I will be unabashedly domesticated and maintain a clean home and I will start eating more “real food” and cooking like I used to. I will travel, and I will not be so overly concerned with what others think of me.

I will finally make a Snow Dalek if we get enough snow this winter.

I will have an awesome 2013.

What will you do this year?


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