Kill Two Birds with One Click!

For the Holiday Season, which is upon us in full swing despite the sad lack of snow outside of my window right now, you’ll have to forgive me a little bit of advertising. Or a lot more advertising to come, as I’m starting to try to get back into the swing of focusing on my writing career, suffering now due to the recent promotion in my actual career.

Either way, the holidays means gifts and, while I don’t have the resources to do much in the way of gifting, a really great gift to give your favorite independent author during this season is to buy a copy of their book for a friend. This way, not only do you make the author’s day by purchasing their work, but you’re also spreading the love to some other reader in your circle. It’s a gift that keeps perpetuating itself, too. The book reaches someone that the author might not have otherwise been able to reach out to, and, if they like the book, then they’re likely to reach out even further beyond the circle. It’s win-win!

Now, obviously, I’d want to encourage everyone to consider getting my own collection of short stories, Bowlful of Bunnies for a reader on your gift list. They’re short stories, so they’re sure to like at least one of them, and, if not, well, hey, maybe it will help them keep their Yule Log burning. See? Win-win!

So, please, if you’re wondering what you can get me for Christmas, there’s a real easy solution that might knock someone else off your list, too. Buy a copy of Bowlful of Bunnies, and it’ll leave me absolutely tickled and honored. And there might even be a gift for yourself in there, too. If I sell more copies, then I’ll be less tempted to make spammy promotional posts like this one in the future.


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