Yesterday, I gifted myself with a membership to the Art Institute of Chicago, one of my most favorite places in the world. It was surprisingly affordable, and I intend to take advantage of the membership on most of my days off from work. Like today. Shortly, I’ll be bundling up against the cold and making the short walk down to the train station, hopping on as I whisk through the suburbs toward the city, and then the brisk walk through downtown toward those infamous lions.

I’ll likely wander around for a bit, scribbling down thoughts and ideas and little sketches, and I think I’ll spend a good amount of time downstairs, trying to make up stories from the incredibly cool Thorne Rooms exhibition. These miniature rooms are truly impressive. I also plan to spend a lot of time with the 18th century paintings, as I’ve decided that era is going to be an inspiration for the Second Asyentai books.

I’m just stoked. This is the sort of thing I wanted to do more of when I moved down here, and now I’m finally getting to it. I can’t wait to come back, filled with ideas after a good long time of wandering and pondering and marveling at the incredible talent, cultures, and histories of the world.

Okay, or maybe I’m just excited to see my favorite Oscar Wilde teapot. It is just faaaaaabulouuuuus~!

Are you a fan of museums? Ever been to the Art Institute of Chicago? What are some of your favorite pieces? I’m going to go finish my hair and then I’m off. Huzzah for a day of inspiration and beauty!


  1. Oh Lucid Sprout, I love the Art Institute of Chicago!! Ferris Bueller’s Day off was partly filmed there. I could spend a week or more in there just staring at ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’! ALL DAY!! Just wish they had more Rembrandt to celebrate, or Monet. I could never spend enough time there

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