Because I should post something….

Sometimes, you just don’t know what to write.

I mean, as far as blog posts go. When it comes to writing books, I have more ideas than I know how to handle. Short stories can be a little more challenging, but I’ve got a handful of ideas there, too. But blog posts, especially when you haven’t been spending a lot of time hopping around the blogosphere and doing the whole connecting with other writers things, can be damn difficult. Luckily, there’s always the approach of writing about not knowing what to write about to fall back on.

There was the possibility of a Thanksgiving post, but I felt it got a little too maudlin. This year, it was a pretty strange Thanksgiving for me. It’s always a tricky time for me; it was on Thanksgiving that my fiance proposed to me, so sometimes it’s difficult to grapple with the idea of being thankful in light of his passing away almost three years ago. Add that to the fact that my roommate’s sister got engaged this Thanksgiving, and it’s a whole melting pot of really strange emotions. I never thought I’d be grateful to be working the crazy post-Thanksgiving retail chaos, but it probably served as a good distraction from getting too depressed.

It wasn’t the most cheerful post, so I decided to skip it, despite having it mostly typed out. Instead, then, the much more cheering topic of the difficulty of topics, an oldie but goodie. I’ve always liked the irony of the fact that my go-to topic for when I can’t think of a topic is how I can’t think of a topic.

Do you have a go-to topic for when you’re feeling a little uninspired for blog posts?

And, while we’re on the topic of inspiration, I just picked up three fresh new notebooks recently. Right now, I’m enjoying their pristine, untarnished immaculateness, but I know I’m going to want to start filling them with words soon. Any suggestions or inspirations? I’d love to hear some ideas or challenges.

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