When You Can’t Think of Anything to Write…

Some days, you just can’t seem to think of something to write.

Well…this statement is not necessarily true. Thankfully, I’m starting my two days off to focus on writing very well, in that I have a very strong drive to really pound out some words on my various WIPs. I also have a few ideas for some blog posts…Arynethian gods, review of a book I just finished…but I really don’t feel like writing those. The Muse is very particular today, and I am giving myself over to her entirely. It is a welcome break from the vagueness she usually brings to the table, leaving me scrambling to interpret what it is she’s trying to get me to do. With this sort of directness, I will gladly take it, even if it is fickle and has me bouncing about from one thing to the other.

Among these things will be an interesting experiment that I don’t expect to go anywhere, but I’m going to have a stab at. When I mentioned to a friend that I had three days off in a row (though those three days were whittled to two), he joked that I should use the time to write erotica fanfiction and make a million bucks off of it (ahem). This lead to a conversation about what the fanfic should be of, and there’s the starts of a horrible Doctor Who fic today, entitled “Sexterminate!” Names, of course, will be changed for eventual publication (the Professor and Violet, anyone? Maybe the Physician and Colonel John Hawknest?). I mentioned “Sexterminate!” to my roommate, who then requested A Song of Ice and Fire instead, specifically developing on the relationship between Sandor Clegane and Sansa Stark (SanSan, if you will), entitled either “Burning Heart” or “The Fires of Love.” I do not write fanfiction. But I have to admit, my friend had a good point that it could be an interesting experiment to have a stab at it, change the names and qualifying details, and see where it goes. Right, E.L. James?

Also, tonight is Project Runway night, while tomorrow is payday, so I can’t really have any complaints. Sometimes, the blog posts just aren’t going to come, but the Muse is interesting like that. If she’s being stubborn on one thing, she’s usually generous in another, and it’s all a matter of being able to figure it out and embrace it.


  1. I’ve tried my hand at video game-based fanfiction in the past, but I couldn’t really take off with it. There’s something about taking someone else’s idea and trying to go your own way with it… I just don’t work well in that situatino.

    Good luck on the million dollars. 🙂 “Named have been changed to protect the innocent…”

  2. One reason I initiated Wednesdays guest post which relieves me of 52 days a year but actually is more work as network has doubled in participants. The reciprocity of visiting commenters expands.

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