RoW80 Check-In: Microsoft Word Hates Me.

“Thankfully, Taluin had enough compassion and empathy to know what he meant without him having to say. ‘Oh, Locke,’ she said, her voice catching, breaking in her throat. ‘You were her world.'”

So, some of you may have been reading about my recent awesomeness revolution lately; some of you may not. In a nutshell, life is awesome right now, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into some epic progress on my Round of Words in 80 Days goals, and that’s okay. I’ve been making some steady page-a-day progress on Serpent in a Cage, and that has been most of my writing focus lately.

I’ve attempted to work on some short stories and typing up some of the first part of SiaC, but my computer has been acting a little…strange whenever I use Microsoft Word. I’ll get maybe half a page or so into typing, and some virus or some glitch in my computer is causing the Save As screen to pop up. I save frequently, so, at first, I thought I was just clicking it, but this is not the case. And then I go to save, and the window prompt keeps showing up, until I have to shut the program down entirely. It’s odd, it’s strange, it’s possibly something potentially harmful, but it’s an old, battered laptop, and that’s bound to happen eventually. Right now, I don’t want to deal with it, so I just do what I can and then call it a day when it pops up.

Nothing too exciting, then. I’m in the phase where it’s mostly just write, write, write, so I’m trying to use my time not at the notebook getting back into the blogging community and picking at a few short stories so I can start submitting to magazines again.

I would like to throw out a question, though: Anyone know of any good contests going on right now? Even if it’s just something to help prompt me…I know the contest Morgan Dragonwillow ran ages ago inspired a lot of really great new work from me. I’m looking for something like that to spark my creativity again, so if you can think of anything, please pass it along! I’d love to get back into something like that, but my focus is all skewed and I might need a little help.

How is everyone else doing? Have you had a chance to check in with any other RoWers (it’s real easy, you can just go here!). I’ve got the next three days off, so I’m really looking forward to a lot of Happy Writing!

Before I go, though, I’ve got a new follower to welcome to the blog. Hi, f-Stop fun! Thanks so much for subscribing!


  1. You might want to have someone else take a look at your laptop, in case you have some sort of virus on it. Also, I’d recommend backing up your files as soon as possible if you haven’t. Buy a flash drive if you need one… they’re getting really cheap now.

    Glad to hear your writing is going well, though! Slow and steady wins the race, according to the tortoise.

    I’m not paying attention to contests at the moment as my mind is focused wholly on my novel, so I can’t help you there, but good luck finding some!

  2. One piece of advice here, check out Scrivener, it will change your writing life. Seriously.

    It has a generous trial period, 30 days or something like that, so you can see if you like it. I say this with all honesty, I’ve yet to know someone who tried it, who then did not continue using it. With all the projects you have going on, you will love it.

    Also get a free dropbox account if you don’t have one, and use it for some backups. That is all.

    • I used Scrivener on my PC for the last two NaNoWriMo’s. Love it. Just wish the PC version would interface better with my iPad. They are working on an iPad app, but have only one person to spare for that,so is now targeted for 2013.

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