RoW80 Check-In: Back in Black.

In all honesty, I’m not wearing black right now; I merely wanted to get AC/DC stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

”      Suddenly, he cut himself off. He wanted to say more. He wanted to express how little he thought of destiny if this was the life destiny had chosen for him. He wanted to firmly deny the existence of anything that barred him from being in charge of his own fate. But he didn’t. He firmly set his mouth shut against the complaints, staring fiercely forward as he tried to sort through his thoughts.
      Realizing he had nothing more to say, Taluin lightly shook her head. ‘You truly are like your father,’ she mused, her voice marveling and soft.”

Today is Wednesday, which means it’s time for a Round of Words in 80 Days check-in, as well as an attempt to get back into gear after an unexpected little…we’ll say holiday from the writing world. It’s been an interesting, eventful few days, to be sure, which makes me feel a little bit better about the fact that it was so rubbish for writing. There are some possibilities opening up at work, and my social life took a dive on one facet while a reconnection with an old friend brought it skyrocketing up again. Life works in so many mysterious ways, it truly does, and I love when it happens with a bang. But it’s also nice to get back to something a little more regular and paced.

I’m still making some steady progress on Serpent in a Cage, but I’ve decided this morning that I want to turn my attention on getting some more short stories written and submitted to magazines. I usually go through a cycle where I feel motivated to write and submit, and then I quickly fall out of it and it falls to the wayside as I focus on novels more. So I don’t know how long this bout will last, but we shall see. I whipped up a little tale that’s been in the back of my mind yesterday, and today I’m trying a hand at whipping up something new. It’d be nice to aim for a new tale every day, but I’ve tried that before and I know how lofty a goal it is, so we shall see. The fact that I get two enjoy two consecutive days away from work has made me feel ambitious and optimistic.

I also want to turn my attention back to getting Bowlful of Bunnies on other platforms, including a potential print version. I keep intending to do this, but other projects and life events keep distracting me. Every so often, another sale comes in and tickles me pink, but I really feel like I just threw it out there in the wind and let it do its own thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I feel a little guilty that I should be cultivating it or guiding it a bit more.

I’ve got a few Aryneth-themed posts in the works, and a few more book reviews coming, and hopefully no more big gaps in posts like these last few days. But, hey. Sometimes, you’ve just got to take those breaks.

So, not much of an update, just a typical L.S. Engler note of getting back in the saddle again and ready to ride. Yee-haw! If you get a chance, check out my fellow RoW-ers here!

I’ve also got some new followers to welcome and thank. So thanks for following the blog, Armand Rosamilia, Ellis Nelson, and Zac Egs! So cool to have you guys here!


  1. Ha ha, I love AC/DC’s Back in Black album.

    The writing will come round again. Sometime it is necessary to have a few days away to recharge.

  2. How many copies have been sold of BoB? I have been promoting it to friends and family. Call me sometime..<3

  3. Life has the annoying habit of getting in the way of itself, and it takes so much more effort to switch between things. On a good day with no distractions I’ll work for 12 hours or more and not feel exhausted at the end of it. If the distractions pile up, I might only be busy for half that time, but I’ll collapse in the early evening feeling half dead.
    Regroup and take that hill.

  4. Don’t feel bad about your little holiday. It’s life, and all the craziness that comes with it, that gives us the inspiration for our storytelling. Run with it, and get back to the writing when you can.

    My writing holiday was nine and a half months of pure agony. Every few days, I’d try to convince myself to continue on my Nano 2011 novel, but just couldn’t apply the butt to the chair. Well, ROW80 has given me the drive I needed, and today I got back in the saddle. So, let’s ride on together, shall we?

    • It’s a RoWd trip!

      Ugh, I’m pretty sure I could feel your agony through the computer screen. So good to hear RoW’s given you the drive again! RoW has led me to some pretty amazing stuff, so I’m glad to see others helped along, too.

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