Music That Inspires: Light Up My Room.

I’m not much of a musical writer. I wish I could be more of a musical writer, but, quite frankly, I love music an awful lot, so when I try to both listen to music and write, I usually get too distracted by the nuances of lyric in my favorite song and forget about the nuance of lyric in my words. However, now that I’ve cashed in on my replacement Kindle Fire (I will forever be buying a warranty on these things, not because the product is bad, but just because I’m pretty sure I used the hell out of the thing in the past seven months and that’s why I wore the poor battery out to death…side note to the side note, we got to keep the old Fire and Dad’s taking a look at it to see if he can fix it himself. I told him he should rig it to look like a Steampunk Kindle)….anyway, where was I? Right. Music. Now that I have my Kindle Fire, I listen to Pandora while I read (although that’s sometimes too distracting, too!), and I write a little while I read, too, and, though I am not much of a music writer, I love when one of those few songs that really get me excited about a connection I have with a character shows up…while I’m working on that particular book.

“Light Up My Room” by the Barenaked Ladies, from their Stunt album, is one of those songs:

Every time I listen to this song, I get a little emotional, because it’s always embodied my character Adah MacKlout from The Unknown Scourge so perfectly. When I listen to this song, I marvel at how Adah almost got cut from The Unknown Scourge entirely. Because this song reflects so perfectly for me all the desperation in this character and the feelings of hope she gets when Tobias Gainswellow enters her life and starts to “light up her room” with his presence. I love how this song so perfectly paints the picture of the run-down slum from which Adah has grown, the “foam on the creek…like pop and ice cream,” and how she dreams of dancing “to the radio station…that plays in our teeth” with the mysterious and beautiful Tobias. She’s such a tragic character and the song’s hopeful melancholy just brings her to life every single time I listen to it.

“If you question what I would do
To get over and be with you
Lift you up over everything
To light up my room.”

Excuse me for a moment. I’m going to go sit over there and wibble a bit.

But not until after I thank my latest subscribers, Vergielyn Cubol and Mrs. Bongle! Thanks for following, guys; good to have you aboard.


  1. Oooooooh, Steampunk Kindle, I want one. And of course I’ll have to get a brown bowler hat. You can’t read Steampunk Kindle without a brown bowler hat. And suspenders. Or a yellow velour vest. But not both.
    I always have music on when I write, sometimes when I go back during editing I can even tell which CD I was listenening to as it subconciously crept into my prose or inspired tangent adventures I wasn’t expecting.
    BUt seriously I want Steampunk KIndle. And a brown bowler hat.

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