I Have So Much Work To Do.

I have so much work to do today, and my coffee maker isn’t even working. I promised myself I would never do this, but I think a keysmash is in order:


There. I feel better. And the coffee machine might be working now, too, at least I hope so, and that it will work past just spitting out half a cup and then stopping. This is another reason why I should really switch over to tea. Barring a broken stove or a cracked teapot, I don’t have to depend on a machine to get it. Nothing quite satisfies that like coffee kick, though. Tea is for later!

My beverage preferences should be for later, too, because I have a problem, dear readers. I am behind…way behind…on all my goals. There has been a cacophony of things getting in my way, things I could probably call excuses, but I think the real heart of the matter has just been a certain laziness and general ennui. I haven’t been posting in the blog much, either, because I feel that what I’ve been saying hasn’t had the same oomph as what it has in the past. The other day, though, I went ahead and finished up a little rant I had bad book covers, and I got the best response I’ve had in a while. So I just have to remember to keep it fresh, keep it interesting, and most importantly, keep it honest.

I completely missed Wednesday’s RoW80 Check-In because I thought it was Friday. That’s how off my days have been feeling. But today’s the day it changes, especially since I’ve been poking at this post for about an hour now, have had some coffee in me, and already got a great start on Battarack Girls for the day. I want to catch up with my page count for The Unknown Scourge, too, and the deadline for The First Line is approaching quickly, so I want to get that done today, if not tomorrow, so I can start editing it. I’ve been stressing out about money once again (big surprise), and struggling with the guilt that if I’m not working so much right now since summer is kind of our slow time, then I really need to be bolstering it with more and more writing. So time to stop feeling back and worrying and get to work! Wish me luck!


    • LOL, but I’ve been going with the flow, and nothing’s gotten done! Sometimes, you can only go with the flow for so long ,and then it’s time to get out of the river, and get stuff done! I gave myself a nice boot in the pants today, and it’s been working pretty good so far!

  1. I made the switch to instant coffee lately because I’m not coherent enough in the morning to make real coffee.

    Sometimes you need a few days to not be productive. It can be refreshing.

    • I’ve tried the instant coffee. We even have the really good instant coffee from Trader Joe’s, with some sugar and dehydrated milk and everything, but I just can’t do it. Two years at a coffee shop made me a big old snob. Still, I started this post pre-coffee and ended it post-coffee, and it’s amazing the difference a cup can make.

      Also on my agenda: getting back to you about that guest post! I have a really great idea for one, but I’ve been so lazy about it! Hopefully, I’ll get back to you later today, because I’m not going to be stupid and let the opportunity squander away!

  2. I didn’t realize there could be a time when I wasn’t stressed about money. ; ) I think the summer weather might be affecting all of our productivity levels. I’m trying to get in my word counts and push through the general lack of motivation.

    And really, if you can get another coffee machine/fix yours, I think you shouldn’t beat yourself up about using it as a (helpful) drug. If I didn’t have mine each morning, there’s no telling how unproductive I might become!

    • It still works, it just has a faulty switch that sometimes doesn’t turn on. It was a super cheap one to replace my last one, but, even super cheap, I don’t have the money to buy another. See how everything just seems to tie up together?

      I’m not gonna worry about it today. Or, at least, I’m going to pretend not to worry about it today. Instead, I’m just gonna write. It shall be lovely. *NODS*

  3. Just catching up myself, a few days behind in blog reading. Love my coffee too. I buy beans at local coffee shop – they now have their own roaster in town, and use fair-trade coffee. Then I use a small electric grinder, carefully, and paper filter cone in a one cup holder. Mmmm – ready for my second one now I think.

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