RoW80 Check-In and Return to the World.

“In the purple dawn, my body is transcendent. It moves with the unconscious grace of a lotus on the water. Though the morning is cool and the breeze quite sweet, my body is cover in a fine sheen of glistening sweat. Every movements is a smooth extension of myself, each step pushes me one bit closer to the edge of my physical and mental limitation. I am a leaf in the wind, a bud on a branch, a petal unfurling from the stem of a flower to greet the morning sun.”

So, this last week has been an interesting one. I was granted an unexpected four days off from work, and, wanting to seize the opportunity, I planned a very last-minute trip back home to see my family, which worked out nicely because my step-sister and her kids were up from Florida and my cousin was on leave before her army deployment. The timing was practically serendipitous. The trip did, however, completely screw up my writing schedule….

So I haven’t managed to get much done at all, my goals are all out of whack and in need of reassessing just so I can get back on the path again, and I don’t really have much of a report. I am excited to finally get things going again; I’ve been desperate to get some writing done, but there just hasn’t been the time between the trip, followed by working all weekend. So, today, instead of my normal check-in, I’m going to take a moment or two and decide what I need to get done and what will be done from there.

So what have we got?

Serpent in a Cage: I haven’t had much of a chance to even touch SiaC, and this needs to change. I want to get back in gear with writing at least one page a day on this project. I’m on page 94 right now, and will use that as my “base” from here on in.

Battarack Girls: As things stand, BG is definitely shaping up to be the next book I finish. Though I’m not sure how I feel about basically publishing a YA “companion” to SiaC that takes place about twenty years after the events in SiaC (which is supposed to start out the Aryneth series…), I’ve had so much great feedback from it that it just seems right. And, hey, the Narnia books weren’t written in order. Neither were the Star Wars books. I could probably dig up some other examples, too, so I’m just going to go with it. So my goal from here on in is to write at least 1500 words a day. As of writing this, I’m at 2012. I think that’s a sign. The quotes introducing my RoW check-ins from here on in will be from Battarack Girls now, too, as little previews and whatnot, instead of from Serpent in a Cage, as they previously were.

The New Novel Project: Since the monthly novel project is one of the easiest projects to keep track of, I’ve been working as consistently as I can on this one. I’m a little behind, but I’m plugging away at this draft of The Unknown Scourge all the same. By the end of the day, I hope to be as close to page 15 as I can get…As of writing this, I’m on page 9, so I’m not too far behind.

The 100 Books Project: I’ve said it once, I’ll probably say it a gazillion times more. I never have trouble finding time to read. Never have, never will, barring someone attacks me and stabs out my eyes with sewing needles (…sorry, a little inspired by the current BG scene…). I read about half of a book on the trains to and from Chicago, got home, read some more of the gazillion other books that I was missing because I limited myself to just two books for the trip. I have one review I need to get to writing, too. So I’m 24/100 (4/30 for this Round).

Other Things: And then there’s a plethora of miscellaneous things I need to get back on the task of completing this week:

–I still owe Elizabeth and Grace stuff for guest posts, which they have graciously offered to let me do. If you’re reading this, ladies, I’ll shoot you off an email sometime within the next few days!
–The deadline for The First Line is approaching swiftly, so I’m hoping to get that finished and sent out soon!
–Write up a copy letter (uuughhhh) to accompany “Dragon Rising” on its quest to discover if it has a chance to become a traditionally published storybook, or if I should start breaking out the pencils and sketching out my own pictures to make it an indie published storybook. This idea is all thanks to Morgan, whose granddaughter gave me the best compliment I could ever imagine by asking where the actual “book” was after the story was read to her. Seriously, that story still makes me glow with happiness.
–Take a moment to really get into all the wonderful things people have been sending me to help promote Bowlful of Bunnies and get it back up to the rank I want to try to keep it at. I’ve been so busy I’ve been utterly failing at building my promotion.
–Focus on getting Bowlful of Bunnies out on other formats: Smashwords, Nook, Apple, as well as poke around CreateSpace for help with a potential physical copy.

This week is all about getting back on track with things, reconnecting with everyone again, and charging forward with the same energy that I had before the unexpected (but much needed) journey threw things a little off course. Since I’ve been out, I’m really behind on how everyone else is doing, so I hope everyone’s doing well! Be sure to check out my fellow RoWers here, and I’ll end with a question, too: What do you do to help you get back on track after a break?

Happy writing, everyone!


  1. I think getting back on track is so wonderful. It’s like when I haven’t been able to run in a few days because of vacation or whatever, and then I’m granted an opportunity. It feels so much sweeter!

    I’ve had some time issues this summer, too. I’ve been very on track, then off, then on, then off. I have to steal my moments when I can. Getting back on track isn’t too difficult, because I’m always feeling drawn back to the work after some space from it.

  2. Welcome back to the writing world! LOL. Seriously, sometimes you have to do other things. It’s part of life. Enjoy it.

    To get back on track…I simply do it. There’s no secret formula or magical chant. I just do it. I don’t know how else to explain it. 🙂

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