RoW80 Check-In: July 4th/5th.

Hooray! It’s here! It’s the new Round of A Round of Words in 80 Days! Oh, yesterday was also Independence Day, but….new Round!! (lol, priorities) I posted my goals a little bit ago, and I got an early start on them because my orderly brain demanded that starting on the 2nd would throw everything off, so I’ve been picking at them a little bit and have already questioned if I’ve made them too lofty. Whoops.

Then again, Tuesday was a truly odd day on several accounts. While I managed to finish another book, I missed a whole slew of my writing goals. Then there was the moment when I thought to myself, “Oh, I’ll organize the pantry” and “Oh, I think I’ll super-clean the cat box.” Five hours later…

I was feeling a pretty good mojo yesterday and got a lot of work done, despite the Day Job interrupting. I didn’t manage to finish my check-in, though, so I’m posting it today so I don’t fall into the habit of skipping it entirely. So let’s have a peek at what I’ve been working on:

Serpent in a Cage: After a brief set of scenes that were taken from the original manuscript, I’m back to welding together the intersecting storylines and writing from the new approach. I’ve also played around with the idea of dividing the story into parts (as I’ve thought of before), where each part basically represents a different day (since the course of events only happens over three days). I need to sit down and figure out the exact page count goals for this one (and my others, as well).

Western with Dragons: I’m thinking of tentatively titling this one Wanted: Dread or Alive. Any thoughts on the title would be helpful, but the “western with dragons” concept is turning out to be the most popular one out of the list of potential next books, so I’m charging forward with it. It’s got a little bit of a Sherlock Holmesy vibe to it, too, Victorian mystery, and I’m definitely feeling like I want to dig up The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. with this one, too. So it’s a little bit of a wild-carriage ride for me at the moment, but it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. I’m about halfway through a second chapter at the moment, developing the world and the characters and the plot as I go along.

Battarack Girls: I’m writing this one with a different approach than I write my other books. I’m basically writing a page of each girl’s voice, leaving it unfinished like a prompt for later, and then moving on. This way, I think I’m going to get a better perception of tone, voice, and timeline as I scribble things down. It’s sort of working like an elaborate outline this way. Also, since I’ve finally sold 25 copies of Bowlful of Bunnies, I’ll be releasing a little sample of Battarack Girls on the blog tomorrow, as per contest, so be sure to stop on by for that!

Space Cowboys: I know I’ve attempted this one a few times, so I’ve taken up the task of rewriting the beginning I like best, because, reading it, I sort of forgot which direction I was taking it, and so now it can adopt a new organic direction. It’s definitely coming along nicely.

Soulless: I’ve decided to keep going with Soulless, too, even if I think I’ll need to change the title on account of a lot of other books having that title, too. But it, like the others, is coming along nicely, though I thought I was in a little bit of a block with it. It’s coming along great now!

New Novel Project: This month’s novel is The Unknown Scourge, a science fiction, government conspiracy, blah blah blah book that takes place in the future of the same world as Serpent in a Cage. I have tried to write this book so many times, I’ve lost count, but I will always keep trying until I hit the right angle. Maybe this is the one? Who knows? Either way, the odd days (and probably this killer heat!) have me a little bit behind. I’m on page 3 out of 5 for the day, hoping to play some catch-up today.

The 100 Books Project: Just finished both Soul Music and another book due for a review, with a third and fourth book not far behind. So that’s a good swing of getting some of the ones that have been on my reading list out of the way, and onto other ones! I think I might be able to finally get some of that catch up done this Round. Books read: 22/100 (2/30 for this round).

750 Words: I have decided to utilize the 750 Words website, although I’ve already missed two days. That’s okay, though, I’m definitely not allowing myself to stress out about it. Right now, I’m using it just to push me on getting more of my Grimm stories done. “Just Right,” one of the stories in Bowlful of Bunnies, was written using 750words, and I think it would be really neat if the other stories in the series were crafted via the same challenge.

Exercise: I’m glad to say that this one? I have been keeping up on. I haven’t pushed myself too much. I’m not going to deny that I am definitely out of shape right now (round is a shape, though, right? har har), so I don’t want to over-exert myself too soon. I’m easing into it. This means a few minutes of stretching and toning and yoga, increasing the time a little bit longer each day. I’m trying to limber my body and get it ready to take on some workout videos on Netflix recommended by my friend Nikki, who recently lost around 75 pounds. I’m shooting for just about 30 myself, so I’m definitely taking her advice. Girl looks incredible. But I’ve got to get my body ready to push for it as hard as my mind wants to.

Also pretty sweet? I managed to clear out my email a great deal last night. When I woke up this morning, I actually had an inbox that was less than 4000 unread messages! Go me! (And, yes, that’s 4000 messages, so if I’ve been quiet or have missed something or haven’t gotten back to you on something yet…hi, Elizabeth! Hi, Grace!…this is why. But I’m slowly but surely battling down the mountain).

….I think that’s everything. Biiiiig update, because I’m juggling a lot of projects. I’m sure this’ll whittle itself down once I get a clearer picture of what book I want to try to get done for publishing next, but, as it is, I’m going to place a whole bunch of eggs in a whole bunch of baskets.

How’s your Round shaping up so far? Have you had a chance to check-in with any other participants here? RoW80 just keeps getting bigger and better, and I’m so glad to be a part of it, even if I’m not as good at making the rounds as I used to be!


  1. Well there is a few things to keep you going….

    You changed your blog look. I briefly thought the browser had screwed the page up the first time I loaded it. Anyhoo, it looks more modern, not that it was wrong before!

    • LOL, I diiiid. I felt it was time for a change. It might change again as I play for a look that I’m hoping is a little more professional than the last one. Because I’m all published and everything now, ~la~. I’m liking this one a lot so far, though.

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