Upward and Onward!

So, now that Bowlful of Bunnies is out and hopping around (and wow! What a great response! I felt on top of the world yesterday! And I just looked out of curiosity and BoB made it to #94 on the Top 100 Paid Short Stories category, ohmygod!), it’s back to the drawing board and back to work on the next big project. I told myself I wanted to publish two books this year. The collection of short stories was the easy part, since a good deal of the material was stuff I had already written, reinforced with whatever new gems surfaced on the way. But now it’s time to take the journey I’ve just been through and add the detour of getting a novel finished, edited, and formatted up for a new book. A journey which I am very, very excited to take.

(This publishing thing is kind of a rush; I can see how this can get addictive! Already, I can’t wait to get another one done and out and promoted.)

The only problem is that I don’t know what to write! It’s not writer’s block, though. I’m working on several different projects right now, so it’s just a matter of whittling it down to choosing on and focusing on getting that one finished first and foremost. But, since I can sometimes be quite terrible at deciding on what I want to do, I thought I’d open it up to a poll and see what the lovely reader of my blog would like to see from me. So please, take a few seconds and let me know what you’d like to see as the next L.S. Engler publication:

I know the poll is a little hard to read, but I just loved the writing chick graphic too much to change it. Now, this poll is definitely not an end-all, be-all on my decision. The Muses are fickle, and whatever they feel should be written is probably going to be the winner. I know also what’s working best for me now. However, the fact that it will be what’s working best for me in a month or so is not guaranteed. So I figured it would be good to know what my potential readers want, and good to know where I should focus my attentions if I can.

Another thing that crossed my mind yesterday was that I really should have thought about doing some blog touring to promote Bowlful of Bunnies. It’s one of those things that you don’t really think of when you’re this new to the game, even if you read about everyone else doing it. So, I’d like to put out the request for anyone who would like to have me do a guest post on their blog. The main objective, obviously, is to promote BoB, but I’d be willing to do a post on any topic at all, whether it’s talking about BoB or talking about the price of tea in China. Interviews, shooting the shit, whatever you want, just let me know if you’re interested in having an L.S. Engler grace your blog, and we’ll figure something out, and I’d really, really appreciate the opportunity.

Last but certainly not least, we have three new faces here at the blog, and so, naturally, I want to thank them for subscribing! Hey, there, Adopting James, Bern Baby Bern, and I am Zion! I’m glad to have you all here and look forward to following your blogs, too! Any day when I peek at blog and see a picture about how bad ass Teddy Roosevelt was, it’s a very good day.

Happy writing, everyone!


  1. I teetered between the western with dragons and the vampires and pirates. I kind of cheated and looked to see what others were voting on and decided instead of spreading the votes thinner to vote on western with dragons. I think it could be quite interesting and I look forward to seeing which one you pick. 🙂

    • Hahaha, my roommate’s really been gunning for Western with Dragons, too, so I’m going to try to focus some attention on that one, but, alas, where ever the Muse wants to go, that is where I will follow! Should be interesting to see what comes up.

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