A Small Collection of Tidbits..

Today’s post will be a random hodge-podge of various things I felt like noting. Sometimes, it’s just good to be random.

Yesterday, the news hit that Ray Bradbury had died. I realized that, though I quote Bradbury often (what a brilliant, inspired mind!), I have never actually read any of his work. As a matter of fact, my list of iconic science fiction is pitifully short; it basically consists of Marion Zimmer Bradley…and that’s it. He died at age 91, I hear, a pretty damn good run if you ask me. Are any of you big Bradbury fans? Are there any books in particular you’d recommend to get me started on rectifying this pathetic gap in my repertoire? I grew up more of a fantasy fan than a science fiction one, so I’ve got some catching up to do.

Meanwhile, this post by Lindsay Buroker came to my attention through one of Gene Lempp‘s fantastic Blog Treasure posts, and I had to post it because it’s absolutely brilliant. The methodology that Lindsay outlines is exactly the process I am hoping to follow on my own self-publishing journey, and it’s filled me with so much hope (and excitement!) to get this ball rolling and soon. In a few short weeks, I’ll probably have a book out there. My head will finally be in the game, and it’s only open doors from then on in. This is incredibly inspiring. It’s full speed ahead from here on in!

I’m also happy to announce that my blog has hit over 10,000 views! Wow! And I’m just a few more followers shy of 100. I’ve got Poetry of a Madman, Margaret Laureys, Darren, and lightning pen to thank for the recent jump in numbers. Thank you guys so much for following the blog! There’s nothing like a fell swoop of a handful of new followers (and new people to follow!) to let me know that I’m definitely doing something right here. And tomorrow’s post will be my 400th post. Whoo! Go milestones!

And, lastly, I’m pretty sure the following is one of the best spam comments I’ve received so far:

This is the penalise About. L.S. Engler blog for anyone who wants to essay out out some this substance. You observance so overmuch its almost effortful to debate with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new revolve on a subject thats been scrawled some for geezerhood. Metropolis choke, just extraordinary!

Put a new revolve on a subject. BRB, about to die from laughing, homygod.

As I said, today’s post is a little random, but sometimes a little random is a good thing. Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Ray Bradbury was so much more than SF. Something Wicked this way Comes is my personal favourite. But Dandelion Wine, The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, The Golden Apples of the Sun are nice places to start. You might be able to get some of these free for your kindle even, if not, I would personally mail any of them to you. His stories should be shared, never forgotten, and his style and his class should be things to be emulated and desired.

  2. Okay, I’m like weeks behind when you posted this but I happened to be scrolling through the post of Lindsay’s (taking notes) that you linked to and saw the pingback. For some reason, WP never lets me know when people link to my home page (really have to find out why). Anyhow, long explanation to say – Thanks 🙂

    Hope everything has been going well in your world and all the best for the writing road (read your comment over there as well). I’m right there on the first part of the path with you. Be well. Stay strong.

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