Flash Fiction Friday: May 25th.

Today, I find myself vaguely astounded. One of the things that gets me is that it’s already nearly the end of May, and so soon! This year has been flying by in a whirlwind. I’m not sure if that’s just me, and I’m not sure if it’s necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, but summer is already here, practically. I slightly blame the strange weather we’ve been having. It never really felt like we had much of a spring, and part of me wonders if that’s just Illinois. It felt like this last year, as well, and I’ve been suffering through a little bit of an ‘I miss Michigan!’ phase lately. Traverse City is especially lovely this time of year…

The second thing that astonishes me is that I’m actually posting my Flash Fiction Friday on Friday. What strange event is this? I guess even I can manage to be on top of things every once in a while. Go me! I think it had a lot to do with the fact that this one is pretty short and sweet. Check it out:


(Photo courtesy of PhotoBotos, by Steve Shuey)

All it took was one look at the crowd for Stanley to realize that he had overdressed for the event. Damn, he thought to himself. What a waste of a perfectly good tux.


And that’s it! Now that’s what I call a flash fiction, but this is what popped into my head when I saw the picture, and that’s what I’m sticking with. Short and sweet. How will the picture inspire you? Please feel free to swipe it for your own flash fiction to share! Until next time, happy writing, space cowboys.


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