Closing Lines Tuesday: April 10th.

Today’s post is definitely much later than I usually post; this is due to a combination of laziness and adjusting to a switch in my work schedule, which usually has me closing on a Tuesday instead of opening. That’s one thing about my job that’s a bit annoying, the unpredictability of the schedule that wrecks havoc on any attempt to set up a good strong writing schedule. Ah, well. I still wanted to get today’s post up all the same, not just because I don’t like having two of the same kind of post one after the other (two RoWs in a….row -ahem-, two book reviews, two quotes, etc, etc), but because I think I have a pretty good Closing Line for the next Closing Line challenge, entirely inspired by this post by Elliot over at **–brain splats–**.

All I wanted was a ham sandwich.

So how does this work? Instead of the the prompt above inspiring the opening first line of the piece you create, it is intended to be the last line, inspired by a quote by Joseph Heller. I am still working on finishing up the story for the first one (it’s taking me longer than I expected; again, I blame the work schedule), but if you want to take up the challenge and share it, either here or in your own blog, I’d feel honored! I know I’m excited to challenge myself with these closing lines, but I feel great whenever I’m able to inspire someone else.

In fact, I’m gonna go try to finish that story tonight! Happy writing!


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