Flash Fiction Friday! March 23rd.

Have you ever had the feeling that, when you actually have it in you to want to write, it’s like those are the times when you can’t write? I’ve got a lot of that going on right now. I’m pleased to say that I was bitten by a writing bug hard on Wednesday; it was the first day since I’ve been trying to do so that I felt that I was honestly treating writing as a job, not a hobby, and it was such an incredible feeling. I managed to get two new stories done (okay, well, finished) and one of them sent out to a contest, not to mention some great work on my big WIP. Now that I want to do it again, of course, I have a boatload of work and social engagements (though I don’t so much mind the latter), so I don’t have the time to do that amongst everything else that’s needing done. It seems like that’s how things always work out, but I’m hoping that this drive to create and treat my writing more professionally stick around into next week when I have days off from the jobs that actually pay me right now.

That said, it’s Friday, which means another Flash Fiction prompt! Below is a photo, taken from the wonderful PhotoBotos, and the task is to let it inspire you to write a quick little drabble about it. Below follows my attempt:


(Photo Courtesy of , by Charles Glatzer)

Mike thought maybe the river would give him an advantage, but he couldn’t believe how wrong he was. Though he pushed forward with all his strength and speed, the bear barreled forward, sending great waves out of his way, while Michael himself was bogged down by the water sopping into his clothes and making him heavier. He still pushed forward; what else was he to do? But he let out a desperate sob, certain that it was all hopeless.

Rebecca had warned him. Be careful if you go into those woods, she said. There’s bears in those woods, she said. Of course he knew there was a chance that any sort of wildlife would be ripe in the lush, untouched wilderness, but he should have paid more heed to their dangers. And now here he was, running for his life, getting even more lost by the minute, and he was starting to run out of energy. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could go on.

His feet met the pebbly shore of the other side of the river; his knees almost went weak with relief and he had to push himself to keep running. Even with that push, though, it was no use. There was the bear, lurching out of the water like a great, damp monster, and his paw caught Mike’s leg. Mike cried out as he tumbled down and the bear hulked over him, turning him over, pinning him down and releasing a powerful roar to announce his finally victory. He lowered his head and growled at the terrified man under his paw.

“I-I’m sorry!” Mike stammered, helplessly, desperately. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to eat your porridge, or break your chair! I’m sorry I slept in your bed! I’m sorry, but please, let me go!”

I’m leaving it there! It’s well over the five minutes I like to keep these under, but as I finished it up, I got a great idea for a way to build this into a longer story. It wasn’t in my head when I wrote it, but what if Goldilocks was still with the bears? I might take a stab at this as a longer piece later when I have more time, because now I’m intrigued! I was a little reluctant about the prompt and even doing my flash fiction today, not feeling much in the mood, but now I’m charged.

See, this is what I’m talking about! Once you open those gates, the creativity just seems to burst right through!

Please feel free to use the prompt to inspire your own flash fiction and share it here or in your own blog!

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