RoW80 Check-In: March 18th!

“‘So, what do you think?’ he asked, grinning across the table as the pouch in its fine blue velvet swung between them like a pendulum. ‘What do you think lies inside? It’s quite heavy. I believe we shall feast well tonight, Gilf, don’t you?'”

Another Sunday has arrive; another RoW80 check-in filled of small successes and mostly just being lazy. I’d like to say that, with another new round looming on the horizon as this one reaches its end, that my laziness will be out of my system and I can start that one with guns a-blazin’, but I know myself better than that. I want to spend the brief time between Rounds really defining my goals for next time, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves when there’s still a little bit of this one left. There’s still a little bit of work that can be done before the end of it, and I intend to pick a little bit at them between the rounds, too. Let’s see where things stand today:

Serpent in a Cage: Most of my time and energy has been going into SiaC, which is awesome, and the progress has been steady, though perhaps not spectacular. I finished the chapter I was transcribing from the original draft, and started back in on the one I had been working on before I remembered that the other chapter needed to go first. I lost a few of the pages, which bummed me out a little, because I hate knowing that what I had written was good and worrying that what I’m writing now isn’t as good, but it all worked out in the end and it’s been pretty smooth sailing, and an enjoyable ride at that. I’ve been brainstorming on the tale a lot, fueled by many different things, and it continues to be my most exciting and rewarding project right now. Page count: 47/74.

Bowlful of Bunnies: I intend to turn my focus onto this project with more dedication in finishing it up and getting it ready for beta readers in the first part of the next round. Mostly, I’ve been trying to make sure I’ve rounded up most of my stories and tried to make a few more, and then it’s just edit, edit, edit, and maybe add a few more. I’m definitely feeling like I haven’t got enough, but when my focus shifts off of SiaC in a week or so (if SiaC lets me, anyway!), then I think I’ll be able to have the pull to really brush up some of my newer stories or add a few more. I was thinking of doing a small series inside the collection of four stories that tie into SiaC, a quartet of tales from the four POVs in SiaC as children, to shed a little more light on them and spark an interest in the novel itself. I’ve started with Auferrix’s, and we’ll have to see where that goes, but I think they’d make really nice additions.

Teen Fantasy Anthology: Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that, when a motivation ceases, it’s hard to get it going again. I was hoping to be inspired by some of the last remaining prompts in Morgan Dragonwillow’s Teen Fantasy Anthology Contest, but, alas, my brain has decided it’s firmly planted itself in SiaC right now and has no intention of budging except for when I buckle down to work on BoB. I think the looming task of getting BoB ready has also been a downfall here…it doesn’t want to waste any energy on anything that isn’t one of those two projects. So I’ll just see how the few stories I did get to whip up and submit do and go from there. It was a lot of fun and I still have a ton of unfinished new things floating around because of it, so I’m glad I had the chance to participate and, hey, who knows? It isn’t over quite yet, either…

The 100 Books Project: I have another book in the wings waiting to reviewed, and I’m steadily plugging along at March’s 700+ book with the hopes to actually finish this one by the end of the month. I think I might even get there! I’ve picked up a few good filler books, too, in hopes to finish those swiftly and bulk up the pitiful number. But, at the moment, we’re looking at Book read: 10/100. Double digits, baby.

Other Novels: I haven’t had much time for the other novels lately, and that’s okay, because they’re mostly just things to pick at here and there. They don’t have hard and fast goals, and, some day, they’ll come to their own and get a chance to be featured here more in full.

Serials: Okay, okay, I know. There are, like, four days left in this Round, and something else has surfaced? Technically speaking, this is not a goal, but merely an idea I had while reading D.J. Lutz’s latest installment of Witt Kepler, Private Eye (which was fantastic, by the way). After I finished reading it, I thought to myself, “Why am I not doing this?” I’ve got my weekly featured short story, and I’ve thought about doing a serial in ebook form once I get to that point, but why not a serial on my blog? There are a few things I’d like to consider first, including the technicals of posting it the way I’d like to and the fact that I’d need to figure out a good serial to write as well, but the thought is there, it’s planting a seed, and I’m considering making the development of this as part of my goals for next round. Should be interesting! I know having a Featured Story every week has kept me on the path to making sure I have a story to feature….I imagine having to update a Serial every once in a while would keep me on track, too. Definitely giving this more thought, and, if anyone has any thoughts to share on the topic, I’d love to hear them!

Featured Story: And, last but not least, since it’s Sunday, I’ve posted a new Featured Story! This one is entitled “Jolene;” I wrote it in college and sometimes I wonder if it’s too much of a product of its time, if it’s too college, so I’d love feedback on this one. It’s my first (and only) “Cake story,” part of a series of stories I’d love to get done some day, all based on songs done by the band Cake. It wasn’t intentional, but the story ends up being a nice mix of Cake’s Jolene and Dolly Parton’s Jolene (and, while we’re at it, the White Stripes, too). It’s in two parts, and there was once talk of a third part, but I don’t know if it’s necessary or not. It’s always been a story I love on one hand, but have been very iffy about on the other….

And that’s it for today! A pretty big update today, which surprised me, because I guess I’ve been busier than I imagined. I just have a lot of really great ideas floating around lately, and I’m really looking forward to herding them all in and getting them ordered into goals for the next round. To check in on my other fellow RoWers, please check out the links here, and, as always, Happy Writing!


  1. Writing the serial has been a challenge, but one that I think has been good for me as a writer. I started it as a way to keep writing while busy with family, the regular job and grad school homework. I basically reserve a few hours on the weekend to write and the serial fits the bill.

    Things to think about if/when you start one: you don’t want to make each post too long, which means you will have to create character development with fewer words. And as you go along, you will have to make each episode stand alone as a story, since not everyone will have (or want to) read all of the previous episodes in order.

    Ton ‘o fun. Go for it!

    Oh, and thanks for the kind words on Witt Kepler!

  2. *my brain has decided it’s firmly planted itself in SiaC right now*

    I’m kind of glad about this since I’m anxious to read it. LOL. Seriously, this is probably a good thing since SiaC is a major project for you.

    I think a serial on your blog might be a cool thing. One word of advice. Please make sure it’s something you can finish. I’ve read serials on blogs before, then the author had things come up and had to abandon the story. It kind of leaves you hanging and wishing you knew the conclusion of the story. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, you’re halfway there on SiaC! Yay!

    Also, that is an interesting idea, basing stories off of songs. Hmm…

  4. I can’t imagine how you keep up with it all esp with that 100 book thing. Do they have 72 hour days where you live? On the other hand, mother(88) reads 3 novels a week and over 25 years that’s 37,500 books !

  5. You have an opportunity, a window, to turn in any past stories that you weren’t able to get in under the deadline by tomorrow at Midnight, Wednesday night. I hope to read at least one if not more. Tomorrow is the very last day.

    I have enjoyed traveling with you on this Row80 journey.


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