Flash Fiction Friday: February 17th.

So, my plans to get up very early this morning and start in on my much more dedicated writerly pursuits mentioned yesterday failed utterly when I slept in much too late, but I’m a big believer in the idea that if I sleep in, it’s because I needed the rest, and tomorrow is another day. Not only that, but today is a day off with very few plans except to meet my roommate and her mother and a coworker for lunch, so I’m still getting the chance to just sit and write for whichever allotted time I choose (I’m thinking half an hour), it’s just occurring much later than I had originally wanted.

But I’ve got my coffee, I’ve got my music, I’ve even got my sunshine, so we’re going to start out the day with a little bit of flash fiction, since it is flash fiction Friday. Feel free to join in; I’m going to post a picture from the gorgeous Five Minute Getaway and try to write a quick little blurb on it to fuel the creative fires. And then the day will call for me to tackle my 750 words (probably a blurb from Gilferen’s perspective), and then it’s off to work on a short story for the collection, which I think will be a story about a robot girl in love.

But now for the flash fiction!


“This is it,” he said, breathless from the hike, breathless from the stretch of sky overhead, breathless with excitement. I was breathless, too, but not nearly as excited, the pain from the twist of my stomach far greater than the pain of my achining muscles. I looked at him dubiously, but his face, even in the darkness, was alight with a certainty that I had trouble denying.

“Are you sure?” I asked, warily, almost hopefully, and he smiled, the largest grin I’d ever seen, and nodded his head.

“This is it,” he repeated. He reached for my hand, gave it a firm squeeze, and then turned away, barreling up the boardwalk toward the crest of the hill. I stood there, not sure what to do, wanting to chase after him and insist that he stayed, but I felt as thought my feet were weighted down and I couldn’t move. His form moved like a dark shadow up the hill, and the sky seemed to move with him, the stars converging and shifting around him as a center point. I thought my breath had been stolen before, but there seemed to have been a little bit more left, now taken from my lungs.

He stopped and turned around to face me, and I had to blink hard to realize that it wasn’t my imagination, but there was a great shimmering mist of stars surrounding him, and he began to glow softly with a soft golden light. “This is it,” he said for a third and final time. “I’m going home.”


Enjoy! Good luck on your own! And, most importantly, happy writing!

I’d also like to thank itsakoollife for recently subscribing to the blog! I started following her after clicking to her blog a few times from Francesca’s, I think, and I’m really glad to have her aboard!


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