RoW80 Check-In: February 8th!

“He had to be out of this place, no only to make up for bringing them there in the first place, but also out of pure selfish desire to finally be free of it.”

It’s hard to believe it’s Wednesday already, but here it is, and it’s time for another Round of Words in 80 Days check-in! With two days off, I’ve had a lot of time to work, and, while the time has been productive, it’s probably not as productive as it could have been. Still, a lot of good work was done (especially a lot of reading!), but let’s have a look at the specifics:

Serpent in a Cage: Things are going right on track with SiaC, especially since I sort of forced myself last night to make sure I was on the page I needed to be on for the check-in. I’m not sure I’m digging this first chapter, but a first chapter is always a pain in the butt and I’m going to fight through it, because I can always go back later and change it as need be. I like the approach; I think it’s giving us a much better chance of getting to know Locke. I just think it could be much better written. Ah, well, we shall see. Progress should continue steadily and happily on this one. I am going to start comparing the page I’m at to the page I should be at if I’m doing a page-a-day so I can try to effectively play some catch-up. Page count: 14/38. Yeah, a little behind. That’s not taking into account the reboot, of course, but if I’d have written a page-a-day since the start of this Round, that’s where I should be and that’s where I’m going to strive to get.

Bowlful of Bunnies: Now, this project has some exciting news. I’ve mostly gotten my old stories typed up for the collection, so I’m embarking on new material and I’m currently following C. Michael Hubbard‘s excellent advice and working my black stones flash fiction into a larger piece, and I’m kind of in love with it. Not so hot on the middle part that I’m working on right now, but I thought up the ending yesterday while walking to the grocery store to get soup for my sick roommate, and I think it’s really going to be a good one, so big giant thanks to him for suggesting that I should build that flash into something more.

I have the confidence again that I might have a good rough draft together by the end of February for some beta readers, which I wasn’t so sure of at the start of the month. To give myself something more quantitative for this project (since goals just work better when you have specifics rather than vagueness), I want to have twenty six possible stories by the end of February. Stories: 9/26. That’s a lot of work to do, but it’s less than a new story a day, and I really want to start hitting this one and hitting it hard. I think I was too lazy and unfocused in February, so if I want something ready by the end of March, I’ve got to work this thing out.

The 100 Books Project: No new books finished, but a lot of headway made on the books I’m reading right now! I’ve still got one review waiting in the wings, which will probably make an appearance tomorrow, but I’m pretty close to finishing another book and about half-way through two more others. I’m absolutely devouring my next Tea & Books Challenge novel, but, since it’s pretty dense, I’ve only gotten about a quarter of the way through it, but that’s not bad considering I started it last week (and it is being so inspiring for SiaC, too, which is the most exciting part of all). Books read: 4/100.

750 Words: Yes, 750 Words is making a reappearance as a RoW goal. Back when I stopped 750 Words, it was November, I think, right in the thick of NaNoWriMo, and I was working on three major WIPs and writing about 2000 words a day, so it seemed a little superfluous. Now that I’ve cut back on the additional WIPs to focus on just two of them, I’ve been feeling like I’m getting a little rusty with the general writing, so I’m picking this back up just to hone some of the skills. So that even if I don’t get to BoB or SiaC for whatever reason, there’s still 750 words that I’ve got, even if they don’t specifically pertain to any particularly WIP. Besides, who knows if one of the random pieces I throw together in there might not be worthy to be a piece for BoB? Yesterday was a flash fiction; today will probably be a character profile because I heard Light Up My Room by the Barenaked Ladies this morning, and it’s impossible for me to hear that song and not want to write about Adah MacKlout. I was thinking of cutting her from her set of books, so I really want to fall back in love with her when I hear that song!

Anyway, that’s all I have for my update today! I’m going to go drink some more coffee (yes, with sugar and cream and a lot of it, neener neener!), get back to work, and hopefully get a chance to visit all my fellow RoWers, too! I’m really excited about this push I’m giving myself and this focus I’m determined to have, because I really want to end this round well! Maybe, since the Round ends in March, it’ll be much like what they say about the weather: in like a lamb, out like a lion! RAWR!!

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to send out another thank you to Fallon for subscribing to the blog! Whoo-hoo! Welcome aboard, Fallon! I always catch your links on the ROW80 Facebook page, so I didn’t even realize I wasn’t officially following you yet, either! So now we’ve got that going for us, too.

Happy writing, everyone!


  1. I hear excitement in your voice! Or is that just too much coffee??? LOL Seriously, it sounds like you’re doing great and back to your crazy multi-tasking. You always seem to have so much energy.

    Good luck on all your projects!

      • Oh, I so agree with you on the coffee thing – and, blast you woman, you’re piquing my interest with new links and challenges.

        i love reading posts like this – filled with hope and purpose and life.

        It sounds like you are having a delightful time! =D

  2. You have certainly made some headway (don’t worry about the slowness; that’ll soon pass); I love that you are adding incentives so you can expand and better your writing. You certainly have the right attitude for ROW80; this is brilliant! 🙂

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