RoW80 Update: February 5th.

“When Locke looked at the man, he saw a father, a savior, and a yellow beard slowly going to grey. And while Knolan still had broad shoulders like a warrior and wore a dented breastplate like a warrior, it had been a very long time since he had the chance to fight like a warrior.”

I wish I had a more interesting update for this RoW80 check-in. I really do. But I don’t. It’s been an incredibly odd week. I’ve had more time off from work, which has been lovely….except for the fact that I’ve also been sick. I don’t get sick often, so, when I do, it seems to hit particularly hard. Things haven’t been a complete loss; I’m still getting some work done, just not nearly as much as I would like to But let’s have a look and maybe Wednesday’s check-in will be more exciting.

Serpent in a Cage: Progress is being made on the reboot for the main WIP, but it’s….weird. I like what I’ve written, but I don’t know if what I’ve been writing is what I want. It’s been so tempting to just tear out the pages and start over again, but I’m steeling myself against that, since I’ve already done that far too much with this piece. I’m pushing myself to continue on even if I’m not perfectly satisfied, which has been tough writing, but I think I’ll be better for it. If I really dislike what I’ve gotten, I can change it again after I’ve gotten version 2.0 finished. I just worry that it’s boring, poorly written, confusing, etc, etc, etc, a whole plethora of writery doubts that probably means I’m on the right path as it is. So I’m just going to keep pressing on. Page: 12.

Bowlful of Bunnies: I haven’t worked much of this lately; another swing of doubt that I’ll have anything worth putting in a collection has hit me this week, so I’ve been picking on typing up an old story, but most of my focus on this project has been in working on new material. Not much, but a little bit. I really need to kick my butt into gear on this project, and I think when I’m feeling a little better, it’ll start getting some more attention. Let’s hope.

I am thinking of possible putting up a short story from the collection every week on a separate page on the blog for people to review or read, offer constructive criticism, or just get some excitement going for what might be in the collection, for myself as well as for the readers! I have tomorrow off and I’ll probably play around with it a little bit then. I’m not sure if it’s going to work the way I think it will, but I think it could be a good motivator if it does!

The 100 Books Project: Not only have I finished by first book for the Tea & Books Reading Challenge (1/7!), but I’ve also got two other books waiting in the wings that I’ve finished and have to write reviews on. So the reading has been going well; this week sort of worked as a way to get things finished for January, and I’m plodding along with the new books for this month, one I’m already half-way finished with and another that I think will be a quick read, even for its length, because I’m enjoying it that much. That’s the nice thing about feeling a little under the weather: you get a lot of reading done! Books read: 4/100.

I think I’m cutting out Blogging as a goal heading unless anything particularly exciting happens in that arena, since it’s mostly just “Hey, I did well visiting blogs this week!” or “Boy, I sucked and didn’t visit anyone!” which is a little tedious. Naturally, this makes me feel like I need to come up with another project, and it’s tempting to go pick up my haunted house story again or dig out Ragnorok: Space Vikings to start prepping it to be Book No. 02 to publish this year, but I think I’m actually going to be good and ensure that I focus on what I already need to get done with BoB before picking up another project. Lighter load, but hopefully a better focus.

I feel like every week so far this round has been a restart, as though this week is going to be the week I finally get things going. Hopefully, this week, it really will be…

Wish me luck! And don’t forget to scope out the progress of other RoWers here!

Happy writing!


  1. Just trust your instincts on Serpent. If you really like it, then others probably will, too. I know I want to read it! 🙂

    That might be a good idea to put a short story or two on your blog. It could spark interest for the whole collection. And you could get some feedback that might help decide where to go with it.

    Good luck this week!

  2. It’s so hard to turn off that internal editor! I know we’ve all been there (I have, anyway!) Sometimes I have the vague sense that a scene isn’t working, and don’t know exactly why. For me, it is generally that the goal of a character isn’t as transparent in the writing, as it is in my head. And I guess that’s why they say to “draft to your strengths, and revise to your weaknesses”. Half my battle is figuring out how to strengthen said weaknesses!

    Good luck as the week progresses! I hope you start loving your 2.0!

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