Flash Fiction Friday!

Ugh, what a weird week, guys. I’ve been in an unprecedented funk since Tuesday; I think I’m starting to come out of it, which is good, but there’s still a little bit of the bad feelings and lack of motivation lingering around. Last night ended with a spark of inspiration, and I hope it manages to carry on through the day, but we shall see. I failed to get a post up yesterday, which just makes me think I should give myself a free pass every month to skip a post, because, you know, some days, you just can’t bring yourself to write one.

Thankfully, today is Friday, which means taking a little bit of a break, going on a five-minute get-away with some flash fiction! So, below, I submit to you for your consideration this week’s pretty picture from Five Minute Getaway. May it inspire you for a little blurb of flash fiction, about five minutes or so, about anything at all, so long as it’s inspired by the picture. Below you’ll find the picture and my contribution. Good luck!


The wind swept up, warm, but cooler than one would expect in the summertime, chilled by the thin mountain air. It sent a curtain of hair across her face, and she futilely tried to tuck it into submission behind her ear. Looking out over the verdant slopes and the purple mountains jutting up into the clouds in the distance, she supposed some people might find it beautiful. She just felt her heart drop heavily into her stomach, splashing up a horrible wave of dread and distress.

“There’s no way,” she murmured, shaking her head, and she turned her wide, pleading eyes toward her companion beside her. “It never ends, does it?”

“No,” he admitted, morosely, avoiding her eyes and scanning the stretch of valley below their feet, the jagged peaks rising above their heads. “It doesn’t. But we have to keep going.”

He stepped forward before she could argue, his steps surprisingly sure and bold despite the weariness they must be feeling. She followed a moment later, descending down into the green valley, reluctance weighing her down as he words drifted back to her with the faint howl of the wind.

“What else are you going to do?”


And, lastly, I have two new subscribers to welcome aboard! Limebirdbeth and The Midnight Disease have both recently subscribed to this here blog, so thank you guys for following! Good to have you with us!


  1. I hope your funk continues to lift, sometimes life can be a little overwhelming! Reading your story and looking at the picture…. phew looks like a hard journey ahead for the pair.

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