Row80 Update: February 1st!

She heard Kadue screaming, shouting, and the heat of a fireball hit her like a wave. His attempt to scorch Tenenshe’ean, however, was much too late. There was an echo of her name, a desperate cry, ringing in her ears. And then there was nothing. Nothing at all.

Hello, and welcome to another exciting RoW80 update! Okay, maybe not so exciting. I’ve actually been taking it a little easy these last few days, so I haven’t been entirely productive. However, due to having a new team lead at work this week, I have an unprecidentented Wednesday off and you better believe I’m going to work it for all it’s got. It’s dreary outside, I’ve got no money, and so we’re just going to write, write, write. Well, and read, too. I’m pretty sure I’m going to finish three of the six books I’m reading right now today, too. Which means I can start three more!!! =D

Anyway, let’s get to the breakdown, which I know you’re all on the edge of your seat for.

Serpent in a Cage: Yesterday, I made a post about fear getting in the way of getting the SiaC reboot started, so I haven’t actually touched it in the last few days. This means I’m behind on pages, too, but I intend to change that today. I’m just going to go ahead and go with my heart and do the zoom-in approach to getting us started, especially since it’s not exactly set in stone. Page count: 10.

Bowlful of Bunnies: I think I’m reaching the end of the short stories I already have written; I have to finish typing up “Jolene,” and then it’s off to trying to write more. So February will definitely be all about the writing for the first two weeks, and, hopefully, the editing for the last two, and by the start of March I’ll have something to send to beta readers. Pretty exciting, but also terrifying. I should also consult the artist I have in mind for a cover soon, too. I have a lot of new stuff started, so it will just be a matter of getting them finished and typed from here on in.

The 100 Books Project: As mentioned above, with my day off today, I should be finishing three books today. That kind of makes up for the lack of finishing any books but one in January, I should think! Then I’ll have a nice stock pile of reviews coming in while I get started on some new ones. Finishing a book is always a bittersweet kind of ending, I think. It’s exciting to get to the next one, but a lot of time, you feel a little sad that there’s no more left of the one you’ve been enjoying…

Blogging: January ended with nearly twice as many views as I’ve had in any month all throughout last year. Holy cow! So February’s going to start out with a real push to keep it up, visiting other blogs, commenting, finding other new blogs to appreciate, because it’ll be a pretty tall order to match last month’s numbers. I know I’m still faltering at getting to comment back to people, so I want to work on that some more, too. Over all, though, things are still going well, I’m posting nearly every day, and I haven’t run out of too much stuff to write about, so all is well here, too. Onto the new month!

On an unrelated note? Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee? Not too bad; I think I used way too much water, though, but, considering I have no milk or sugar for my regular coffee, it will have to do until I get off my butt and walk to the grocery store to buy milk with quarters. And, lastly, on a much more related note, I’d like to thank Elizabeth for subscribing! Welcome aboard! Here, have a cup of slightly too weak instant coffee! Don’t say I don’t know how to treat my guests.

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Happy Writing!


  1. I think you’re right to go with your heart on your WIP. Sometimes that’s what makes a book really good…when you can feel what the author feels. There are times when our hearts are smarter than our heads. 🙂

    I can’t wait to read your short stories. Well, and Serpent in a Cage, too.

    I still can’t believe you read so many books at once. I usually am reading one and listening to an audiobook in the car. That’s my limit. LOL

    Oh, instant coffee. Bleh. Well, I guess it’ll do in a pinch. But I’m kind of a coffee snob. I buy fresh roasted beans from and grind them myself. Of course, then I have to come to work and drink cheap coffee, but it makes me appreciate what I have at home that much more. And do you really ruin your coffee with milk and sugar? Black is the only way to go unless you’re drinking a latte. 😉 (I hope you know I’m just messing with you about the coffee!)

  2. You sound like me. I’m reading 4 books at the same right now, in various states of finishing.

    I don’t drink coffee, I’m one of those tea obsessed people. In fact, I have a tea cupboard. 🙂

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