RoW80 Check-In: January 18th!

“‘They do know that old dynasties did use the caves out here for coffers,” Hederrick offered, though he looked extremely reluctant to do so. His eyes, like Jaxson’s, were steady on the cave and he swallowed hard as if already picturing the possible treasures within. ‘It’s possible we might find something there.'”

Well, fellow RoWers and Readers alike, I’m happy to announce that things are finally starting to pick up a little for me. Not spectacularly, mind, but a little bit of discipline can go a long way. I’ve resolved to get back into the habit of ensuring that I finish at least a page of my writing projects a day, even if it means staying up past my bedtime to do so. Some of the quality of the work is a little questionable (I’m pretty sure I’m going to be scrapping another part of BDS, though I might just interrupt it with the explosion I was planning), but it’s still work and it’s still progress and I’ve even been pushing myself on another little side project, but that will not be making an appearance as a RoW goal because I have enough of those and this is just a little “we’ll pick at it a little” piece. And, breaking it down:

Serpent in a Cage: Where I should be: 171. Where I am: 168. I haven’t made any headway, but I haven’t lost ground, either, which is good. The last few pages have been very establishing, and we’re just getting out of that, so I hope it should pick up here very soon. Part of me was wondering if cutting Awngel was a bad decision or not; she does add a certain dynamic to these scenes now that I’m re-writing them, but the story is still more streamlined without her. Ah, well, we’ll see! I can easily add her back in later if I feel so compelled.

Bowlful of Bunnies: The short story collection is coming along well; it’s going to be a little slow in progress since I’m brushing up a possible novella to go at the end. But I have a title (still tentative, but I fall more in love with it every day) and I’m thinking of asking a friend of mine to help with cover art once she’s settled into her new graphic design job. Nothing too exciting to report here, though, unless you count steady progress as exciting, which I do, but, well, you know.

The 100 Books Project: Still plugging away at those books! I give it another week before I start finishing some of them. I never seem to have much of a problem finishing my reading goals for each day.

Black Dome Society: I still can’t seem to find a beginning to Chapter Two that I like, but I’m at the point where I don’t care, I can go back and change the whole set-up if I need to, but today I’ll be embarking on the exciting stuff and the explosions and the real kicker to the plot, so I suspect there will be a lot more coming. I think the problem with this one lately is that I really don’t have the start of the scene down well, even if I have the rest of it, so it was just a matter of pushing through my lack of inspiration, getting something down, and forging ahead.

Blogging: A quiet week in blogging for me, especially after last week, but I think, when I’m ahead on my blogging stuff, I’d much rather be reporting on more writing and less blogging than the other way around. I’m way ahead for the month, so that feels great! What a way to start the new year.

So, really, not a whole lot to say except for a big, triumphant declaration of getting back into gear and getting some work done finally! And I’ve got about an hour to keep doing more of the same until I need to get ready for work, so, without further ado, I bid you to go visit my fellow RoWers here and wish you all happy writing!


  1. Sometimes we just have to readjust our goals to fit what really works for us. I love that about ROW80. This is my third round and I’m still learning about what I can actually do on a daily and weekly basis.

    • It’s my third round, too (I think? Ha!), and you’re right. It’s even better, too, because I’m learning that not only do we need to adjust our goals, but what we can accomplish can change dramatically between rounds, too. Ever the journey, right?

  2. LS I totally write out of order. The short story/novella I’m working on for March had the opening scene and the closing scene come first. And whoooo does the ending just make me happy. I want to get in there and shake things up myself. πŸ™‚

    Sometimes stories don’t come in order. And cheers for you working on more than one project at once! (I have yet to attempt that). πŸ™‚

    • See, I can work on multiple projects but it’s so hard for me to write out of order, unless the story specifically calls for a disorder of events. I think I can get myself to at least get something done and go back to it so I can move onto other things. But we’ll see, I guess!

  3. You have a lot going on, and it sounds like you are juggling well. I hope you have a super productive weak now that you are starting to find your groove.

    (Thanks for your thoughts about my dilemma with the disappointing book. I want to be honest but also not completely discourage this indie author who put her blood, sweat, and tears into it. But I agree, honesty is the best policy.)

  4. YAY! Does this mean you’ve kicked the games to the kerb? lol Like you I can’t write just one thing at a time and can’t stick to one topic either (hence the wide range of things on my blog! lol) but it’s always great to see each thing pick up a gear, great work – keep it up! πŸ˜€

  5. Ohh, so glad you decided to just forge on with the scene — the beginning will come. And, I do know how hard that can be, I’ve been known to be stuck because I don’t have the right name for a character. And then I know I can’t just sit there — I have to write NAME does this, etc.

    I agree with being able to report on the writing as more important than the blogging. Keep it up.

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