Kreativ Blogger Award!

There is definitely no lack of posts that need to be written in the new year, that’s for sure! Several days ago, the wonderful Susan Howard has awarded me a Kreativ Blogger award (and the “kreativ” spelling of the award never fails to make me giggle). Kreativ‘s a pretty important thing for a writer, so I’m honored to accepted the award and I’d like to send Susan a gazillion thanks and appreciation for validating me and helping to make my sidebar prettier.

As I understand, accepting the award calls for two things: pass the award onto six other bloggers and share 10 things about yourself. I’m pretty sure most of the bloggers I follow have already been given this award, and some of the ones I’m awarding may have already gotten it, too, so I’m only going to pass it on to a few, and those few aaaaareeeee….

1. Rob Slaven, a triple threat of photography, writing, and advertising, who never fails to inspire me with his great photographs
2. Carl D’Agostino and his blog, “I Know I Made You Smile,” for all of his cute and clever and punny comics that definitely make me smile
3. Robot Rhetoric. Writing, poetry random musings, and other things, this kid never ceases to impress me.
4. Alex Laybourne, fellow RoWer who’s always a lot of fun to follow and whose book I really need to read…

Okay, and I also decided that all my nominees had to be male, thanks to the unapologetic girliness of the actual award placard. Mwa ha ha!

Now, here, have some random facts about me:

1. I’m ambidextrous, though I prefer using my left hand. I usually bowl and bat and eat with both hands, and my right handed handwriting looks eerily like my brother’s handwriting.
2. I won a medal once for wrestling. I was a terrible wrestler, but there were only three spots in my weight class, and they were handing out medals for the top two. I lost my first match, and, in the second match, the other guy was injured, so he had to forfeit our match and I won by default. Hooray for injuries, I guess.
3. I just ate a pound of Reese’s peanut butter cups in the course of three days. Probably not a good thing.
4. I have an undying and unshakeable love for Aquaman.
5. In college, I was the president of a fiction critiquing club called the Fiction Collective, which was probably one of the best things I ever did. I miss those guys.
6. I use my new Kindle more for Words with Friends than I do actual reading. My username’s lsenger, if anyone wants to start a game!
7. I used to totally be a dog person, until I got two cats and now they’ve swayed me over to the dark side.
8. I save practically every scrap of paper with anything written on it so that I can scribble down phrases and words from it into a prompt book. Unless every word on that scrap is in a prompt book, it doesn’t get thrown away. You never know what might spark inspiration some day!
9. When I was younger, I used to also save wrapping paper, which I thought was different and unique, and then I found out that it wasn’t so different, a lot of people did it, and those people were called hoarders.
10. When I was younger, I also thought that, since my first grade teacher was Canadian, than that meant she actually traveled to Michigan every day from Canada, which, clearly, was only possible with a rocket ship. So the jungle gym on the playground, which was vaguely rocket-shaped, was clearly her rocket ship, she just threw a special cloaking device over it that made it look and feel like a jungle gym. This was when I was six. Is it any surprise I’m an author today?

Thanks for reading, guys! And thanks again to Susan for the award! Now I’m off to get ready for work, may it go by swiftly so I can get home and enjoy a day off tomorrow! Whoo hoo!


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