RoW80 Check-In: January 4th.

Ahhh, all is right in the world. A new Round has begun at A Round of Words in 80 Days, which means it’s time for a Wednesday check-in! It just seems right and proper, having a check-in on Wednesdays again. I don’t think I’ve fully gotten back into the “regular world” mindset of the post-holiday scatteredness, but I’ve set my goals and I’ve started in on them fairly well, I think, all things considered, so let’s have a look at my progress break-down so far.

Serpent in a Cage: I’ve been managing the page-a-day without a problem, and we’re heading into a really exciting part of the book, so I trust the next clump of pages and chapters will come along nicely. It’s kind of surprising how much of it I’m cutting by sacking a ton of POVs and other storylines, but I still like the story much better in this form so far. Page count: 158.

Short Story Collection: Two older stories, “The Truth and Lies of a Body in the Snow” and “Swing” are edited up nicely; I’m working on a third, “Merciless,” today, and I think if I’m able to do an edit of a story a day rather than a page a day, I’ll have a conglomeration of potentials in no time. Granted, that might be a little ambitious, especially when I get to some of the longer stories, like “Lightheart,” if I decide to go with that one, which I dug up out of a pile of drawings recently, but who knows. It’s coming along nicely, though there’s no real cohesion to any of the stories. That’s not a concern, per say, but it does make thinking of a title much more difficult. Stories edited: 2.

The 100 Books Project: I’m working on three books right now, making good headway in getting a chapter of each read every day. At this rate, I’ll probably have one of them, the lighter of the three, done by the end of the week. It’ll be an interesting one to start us out, that’s for sure! Books read: 0/100.

Black Dome Society: I almost didn’t get around to writing my 500 words on this yesterday; it was a closing shift that took longer than it should have last night and I was tired when I got home, but I made myself boot my computer back up, hammer out some words, and then and only then did I allow myself to go curl up and read before bed. I’m fairly sure what I wrote wasn’t very good, but it was 500 words and it moved the plot along, so mission accomplished. Word count: 3955.

Blogging: I’m already up on hits for the month, I’ve been commenting on other blogs, and I’ve even started following two more people who have been gracious enough to follow me, too! Whoo hoo! I had the chance to thank Andy yesterday, and today I’m taking the chance to thank Jackie for subscribing, too! Thanks so much, guys! I’m still doing a terrible job of keeping up with replying to comments, but I’m hoping to fix that from here on in.

More and more RoWers are adding exercise goals, and I’m debating whether or not to do the same. Right now, it’s just not a big priority in my life, and I don’t want to muddle the progress I’m intending to make on the above projects by throwing in something that I’m really going to have to force myself into. The exercise can wait until after at least some of this gets done, I think….and after the weather gets nice again.

So, how are you starting out this year’s round? Is it still a little difficult to get into the groove of things after the holidays? And don’t forget, you can check out all the other RoWers here, in our handy-dandy little check-in.


  1. Nice start to your goals! I’m thinking of including an exercise goal this Round. I got stretch bands as a gift, so I can try some different exercises. Maybe even while I’m sitting at the computer. Hope you had a happy new year.

  2. Great start on the goals! I like the reading several books approach – I do that a lot myself alongside those books I just churn through on their own! Congrat’s on the new followers/followings – won’t be long till you are (like some of us) stressing that you are struggling to keep up with all the blogs you follow! lol
    I wouldn’t worry about the exercise goals, I know I have included them but I suspect of anything they are the most likely things to be left hanging when I’m busy,as they aren’t really a priority for me – including them almost seems like a silly pressure on myself that I didn’t need to have, ahh well they’re there now, we’ll see how it goes! hehe 🙂

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