Onward, to the Future!

Congratulations to everyone on making it to the year 2012! If we follow all that ancient Mayan propaganda, it might just be our last year, so I hope everyone plans on making the most of it. I know I’ve got a lot of big plans for this coming year, which is what this post today will be about, with a little reflection on the Year That Was, 2011. It was this time in 2011 that I started this blog, hoping to get a little more focus on my life, especially with my writing, and I’m proud to announce that this endeavor was incredibly successful. I would have never expected to have made as many connections, new friends, or inspirational turns as I did in the journey so far, though I had hoped to have them. I have been able to focus my writing so that it’s more of a career in the making rather than a hope and a dream, have made a lot of great friends, and learned some incredibly valuable information. Here’s to another year filled with much of the same and other great discoveries!

So, what’s in store for L.S. Engler this year? We’ll never know until we get there, but here are a few things in particular I’m hoping to focus on. I love the start of a new year, when the mind hones in on starting fresh and new and the possibilities for what you accomplish seem endless, but there are just a few I plan to focus on.

1. Publish 2 books this year. I’d love to publish even more, but since this year will be my first venture out into the world of self-publishing and ebooks, it’s all very new and I only know what to expect based on the experiences of others. Mine might be entirely different. The idea of putting out at least two books a year comes from Lauralynn Elliott who recently posted about the importance of publishing often and got me thinking that, if I really dedicated myself to it, I could get two books ready to go in no time. I know for a fact I’m throwing together a collection of my short stories to put into a book, and I’ll have to give some thought to what the other one might be, but I’ve definitely got some time.

2. Better Focus. Speaking of dedicating myself, at the end of the last year, I really spent a lot of time dipping my pen into as many inkjars as I possibly could. The energy was fantastic, especially when I actually had time to work on all the eleventy billion projects I had going, but, in the end, especially when I didn’t have the time, things got muddles and jumbled and the productivity was just not up to par. So I’d like to be more focused this year, having one (or maybe two, for the sake of my poor attention span) projects at a time that I really, really work on hard until their finished, with a few little things here and there that I’ll poke at. I’m not sure exactly which pieces or what method I’ll use yet, but we’ll see where my muse decides to take me.

3. The 100 Books Project. Just like last year, I intend to be keeping up with my 100 Books Project of reading at least 100 books this year (or 78, which would beat my highest number so far in this project, from two years ago). Added in with this challenge is also the Tea & Books Reading Challenge from the Book Garden! I’ve signed up as a Sencha Connoisseur, which means that at least 8 of those 100 books have to be 700 pages or more. I’m getting started on the first one today! Later this week, there will be a post about how I did this year (spoiler alert: not so well). I’ll also be including the many ebooks I’m finally able to read, which makes me a little nervous, because a lot of the ones I’m downloading have been from authors whose blogs I’ve been reading and I greatly respect them, and the Project calls for reviews, and I know sometimes I’m pretty honest with those things, though I’ve little doubt that I won’t enjoy them!

4. Blog Traffic. I would also like to increase my blog traffic from at least 10 hits a day to 15. Usually, this isn’t a problem, especially after I joined A Round of Words in 80 Days, which is such a fantastic challenge and has been such a great inspiration, even if I did kind of futz out at the end of the last round. So I hope I’ll get plenty of time to hop around, visit lots of blogs, comment more, respond to my own comments more, make new friends and continue building great connections with the old ones.

There are a lot of other things I hope and plan to do in 2012, but there will be more on those as they come along. If I’m not mistaken, the next round of RoW80 starts tomorrow, so expect a more detailed goal post for that tomorrow or whenever it starts.

And how about you? What are your big plans for 2012? Are you excited about anything in particular? Please tell me some of you out there have the same excitement as I do. I just feel that 2012 is going to really be a great year!


  1. Good lord. The phrase “publish 2 books this year” shakes me to my core. I’d give anything to publish one book ever. 🙂 I have to admit to a pang of “wow”. I could probably compose enough drivel to comprise a book but I’d have difficulty staying on one topic long enough for it to make an even vaguely reasonable whole. So I’m interested to see how the year turns out for you!

  2. I agree that this is going to be a great year! I know you have lots of energy and drive, so I don’t doubt a bit that you’ll publish two books this year. Btw, thanks for the mention! 🙂

  3. good luck with the goals! I think it will be a while before I’m anywhere near thinking about publishing ‘a’ book let alone two in a year! lol

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