Belated RoW80 Check-In: December 11th/12th!

“He knew they would be flowery words to win Taluin over, but, glancing toward Hederrick looking back at them with surly impatience, Locke realized that what he said was mostly true. If this thing was going to work, if they wanted to cut the others to the chase, things would have to smooth out between everyone. Besides, he knew he was unlikely to even survive another attack in his current state. Best attempt to make friends rather that perpetuate an enemy.

If one could not tell by the lateness of this RoW80 update, I’ve had a pretty busy weekend. Between work and having a social life, I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with my blog, which is a shame, but, at the same time, I determined to not let my goals rule my life and feel guilty about what I do not accomplish. Weekends will be what they are for me for a while now, so I’ll just accept that I can’t get jack crap done once Thursday hits, and relish in the fact that I do have time to get things done Monday through Wednesday.

A whole whopping three days. But that just makes me feel even better about what I do manage to pull off.

So how are the goals going right now? Pretty well, despite being busy. Not perfect, by a long shot. I like the new system, but there are days where I can only check off a few things. But that’s okay. I’m focusing mostly on my reading goals right now, having finished another book and spending most of today churning out another one. I would love to hit 78 by the end of the year, and so I’m plugging along at that, first and foremost, and, when the challenge resets itself on January 1st, I can focus on my writing goals again.

I’m still plugging away at Serpent in a Cage, too, and making excellent progress. I’m rewriting one of my favorite scenes right now, one of the most tender ones in the entire book, so I’m having a lot of fun. Rewriting it from Locke’s perspective is really making me really love him again, and that’s always a fantastic feeling.

Not a lot to report on the other goals; it’s mostly been reading and SiaC! Wednesday’s bound to be more exciting….and on time!

Thanks for reading! And my apologies for dropping off the face of the earth a little there; I’ll be posting something about the Flash Fiction for Fun I posted a couple of Fridays ago tomorrow….if you want to throw in a little blurb before then, that’d be great! The more, the merrier!

Happy writing!

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