Tea & Books Reading Challenge.

Grace over at the fabulous Books Without Any Pictures has lead me to a new challenge, and you all know how much I adore challenges. Found over at The Book Garden, the Tea & Books Reading Challenge easily combines two of my favorite things and I knew I would have to be a part of it. It was even inspired by a quote from one of my favorite authors, too, so it’s a bit difficult to not think that this challenge was absolutely made for me.

The challenge suggests that you make sure that cup of tea is a big one, but the challenge is specifically to read a certain amount of books that are 700 pages or more. Only novels. No anthologies or short stories or large print nonsense. Just good old fashioned books big enough to kill a man if you hit him at the right angle with one. Naturally, I’ll still be doing my 100 Books next year, but this will be a little mini-challenge within the challenge for me, making at least 8 of those books to be 700+ ones.

Yup, I’m getting out the big guns. The challenge you pick is based on a type of tea, and I’m going all out and going with the big old Sencha Connoisseur of 8 books or more! When you’re reading 100 books all together, making at least 8 of them to be 700 pages or more seems pretty do-able.

Mmmmmmm, Gyokuro Imperial from Teavana.com!

There are many different levels of the challenge, each with a tea, from the Sencha I’m tackling to Chamomile Lovers with two books under their belt. If you’re up for a fun challenge that combines both books and tea (what more could you want?), hop on over to the Book Garden and check it out! I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, so I think the New Year needs to get here so I can get started!

Since we do have a few weeks before the start of the new year, though, I’m curious if anyone has any suggestions. What books 700 pages or more would you suggest for this challenge? I know I have a bunch floating around….I can make it easily even by sticking to just Game of Thrones or Wheel of Time books, but I’d love to spice it up a bit and I’d love to hear what others might suggest. So throw ’em at me! Which 700+ page books should I read?


  1. Books big enough to kill a man if you hit him at the right angle … oh my God, I love that line!!! And of course a warm welcome to the second Sencha Connoisseur in the challenge! Most seem to level in on the Chamomile Lover, but that’s ok, we’re going to show ’em how it’s done 😉 !
    As to recommendations, let’s see! Someone mentioned War & Peace (Tolstoy) and that one can probably kill a man even if you get the angle all wrong, ha. Personally I already know my first two books – The Passage (Cronin) and Under the Dome (King) – but I’m not sure yet about the rest (still got plenty of tomes in my TBR piles though).

  2. And I am the other Sencha Connoisseur, we are the mad ones. Eight really doesn’t sound so bad… apart from some of these bricks probably count for at least 2 or 3 normal sized books so in reality it’s the equivalent to 16 or 24 books. Okay, so now I’m a little concerned as to what I’ve signed up for!

    I would personally recommend We, the Drowned by Carsten Jensen BUT for the fact it’s 10 pages under 700 at 690 but maybe you can find an edition that’s a full 700 pages. I made a post on my blog about my favourite bricks (as I call them) if you want further suggestions.

    I have got so many bricks in my bookshelf I can’t wait to read them. I’ve been putting them off for a couple of years and they’ve been gathering.. This year my focus is going to be on classics, my TBR and page numbers.

    • It’s kind of funny, I never realized how big a 700+ page book is until I scoured my library trying to find all the ones I hadn’t read yet and could only find a few and most of the ones I thought were big enough were only about 500-600. Damn. Oh, well, guess I have to go buy more books! DARN. I mean, there’s plenty I’ve already read, too (hey, there, James Clavell, how you doin’? Robert Jordan, you good?), but those aren’t fun. I want them the be new!

      I love the term “bricks” for them. Highly appropriate, and I’ll keep an eye out for We, the Drowned! I love the title.

      Go team Sencha!

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