RoW80 Check-In: December 4th!

“‘Temperamental?’ asked Jaxson, who didn’t know any better, his voice dripping with his sarcasm. ‘I know our young Gilferen here has a penchant for putting fire in women’s hearts, but this easily exceeds any prior scorned lovers thus far. What’d he do, love? Nasty disease, was it?'”

Though this Sunday seems distinctly lacking in sun for us thus far in Chicagoland, it is still time of my weekend ROW80 update! As typical for a Sunday, after the blur that is usually my weekends (and this weekend was exceptionally blurry as a social life seemed to blossom like a wildflower in springtime), I don’t have a great deal to report, though I have steadily been adding to the revision piece, I’ve done some brainstorming for BDS, and this morning’s shower inspired a whole new project. My cat has knocked over my coffee in an effort to get me to cuddle with him, and all I can do is wistfully sigh, wish I didn’t have to go into work in a little bit, and desire to just sit and write.

Tomorrow’s Monday, though, usually my day off, so unless that’s changed, I will always have tomorrow. Time to break it down now!

Serpent in a Cage: Despite my busy weekend, I made some pretty steady stabs at SiaC these past few days; I’m nearly finished with the current chapter, and then they’re finally out into the desert, we learn more about Locke’s parents, and we’ll get to the cave where Jaxson takes over what was previously Awngel’s part and Megg will join our ranks. I’m excited about that, because I always love Megg, even if she makes me nervous about introducing a character half-way through the story. It sometimes feels just tacked on, but I love her too much, and she’s actually incredibly important to the plot. So half-way it is, and so it shall be. Page count: 135.

Novel in 6 Months: Busy as I’ve been, I still had Friday mostly off except for in the evening, and most of that time was gloriously spent reconnecting with my horror story. I’m still behind on my word count thus far (yeah, thanks a lot, NaNo!), but I managed to get out two really amazing scenes that I’m very excited about and are helping to make this story much, much better. I’m exciting to get the chance to start working on it again, buff up that word count, and polish up the scenes so that the book seems less like a hodge-podge of ideas and more like a phenomenal story. Word count: 30,520.

NaNoWriMo: …which will be continued to be called such until I can think of a title for the thing. It’s a big fat mess right now, but now that the actual event is over, I plan on writing more on it in the upcoming month, as well as going back every now and then and cleaning up, a sort of pre-edit editing to just make the thing more solid before it’s completely finished. All inspired by an incredible guest post by Gary Gauthier over on Hawleyville about pacing and productivity. It inspired a new approach to this piece that really charged me and inspired me and regained my hope that it could be good and that I didn’t just waste my November. I haven’t touched it in a few days, though, trying to focus more on the Ni6M (also in need of a title, yeesh). Word count: 44,313.

Black Dome Society: I managed to get a start with Black Dome Society, albeit a small one, and I’m really excited of the way it’s starting out. Even better, I had dinner with my co-creator in this project last night, and when I nervously, tentatively, terrified, told him what I had written and planned for it so far, he got charged up for it and we had a great brainstorming session, so it’s finally off to a great start. I think it’s going to be a really interesting journey, and I’ve never really written something with someone before, so that’s kind of new and exciting, too. Like I said, there’s not much yet, but I have a feeling I’ll have a lot more on this WIP soon. Word count: 485.

L.S. Engler’s Essential Guidebook of Courtship Etiquette for Young Gentlemen: To be known as simply Etiquette for Young Gentleman from here on in to save my fingers a little, this is a new book I thought of in the shower this morning, I jotted down a little bit of it and a few notes, and I’m really excited to see if it’s something that sticks. Partially fictional and partially autobiographical, I thought it would be kind in interesting to write a book in the style of Victorian guidebooks to etiquette, but for modern dating. I’ll admit, this was specifically inspired by dinner with the above BDS creator when he asked to try a piece of my tuna….after he had completely devoured his chicken, so I didn’t exactly get to try any of his at that point. It could be quirky and fun, and very interesting as I’m trying to explore the idea of dating again and, heck, it might even inspire me to take some chances and go on more dates! So there’s another project on the roster to keep an eye out for, and, of course, I’d love feedback on what you all might think of the concept!

Short Stories: Still nothing new to report on my short stories, but I’m hoping to get a chance to pull “Just Right” out of the coffers soon and return to brushing that up again.

100 Books Project: Not a whole lot of time to read lately, much less put up a review for the book that’s been sitting there waiting to be reviewed. It will get there, though, and until then, I just try to read, read, read some more. 23 books in one month is a pretty tall order if I want to make it to 78, so reading will probably be taking a precedent over writing for December. Which could be a nice departure after NaNoWriMo! Books read: 55/100.

I believe that’s all (har har) for this check-in! Tune in Wednesday where I hope to have lots, lots more to say from at least one day off (finally!). Until then, be sure to check out other RoWers and share your support! And I’ve also got a wee little flash fiction prompt up! The winner gets nothing more than bragging rights, but it could be fun, so check it out.

Happy writing!


  1. *omg* I saw BDS and my brain added an “M” to it. I was like, she’s writing that?! *cough* Then I re-read it and realized you were talking about Black Dome Society and it indeed did NOT have an “M” on the end. Yeesh. There is something seriously wrong with me. ANYWAY, good job this week 🙂

    • Oh, don’t worry, Ryan. You’re not alone. I had to pause a second and make sure an “M” didn’t slip in when I typed it! I guess I could be really terrible and figure out what word starting with an “M” I could add at the end of the title…hmmmm.

      ANYWAY, thank you. 😉

  2. LOL at Ryan’s comment. Sounds like you’re having a good week. I think the big fat mess of a NaNo novel is one of the reasons would be tough for me – it’s really tough for me not to go back and fix things, lol.

    Good job on NaNo and good luck!

    • Thanks, Stacy! I think one thing NaNo has taught me over the years is to let a first draft just be a first draft, and then do all the polishing on a second draft.

      …Which is probably why I’m rewriting most of the WIP I’m revising right now, but that’s beside the point! My first drafts tend to be more like outlines, really.

    • Oh, I love Victorian stuff. One of my favorite books is probably the most pulpiest, cheesiest of Victorian novels, and I eat it right up. It could be a lot of fun exploring that style for a modern text.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Alberta! The business keeps me going, that’s for sure!

  3. L.S., I love the way you open yourself up to us with your blogs. It makes us all feel like we really know you. It sounds like you’re still very busy, but I know you’re the kind of person who has to have a bunch of stuff going on at once. It makes my head whirl, but you seem to thrive on it. I admire your stamina and drive. Good luck with all your projects! 🙂

    • Awww, thanks, Lauralynn! It’s good to know that my posts are so personable, because I really like who I am to shine through my writing. You’re totally right, though; I thrive on being constantly busy. At work, they say I’m like a shark: if I stop moving, I’ll die…probably of boredom! Here’s to hoping I can just keep the stamina going for a good long time!

  4. Omigosh! How the heck do you keep so many projects in your head? If I had all of this, I’d forget to take my kids to school or something.

    44,000 is awesome for Nano. Many are no where hear their goals. You should be very proud of that. Good luck!

    • I actually have a little memo pad at my side with all the projects listed, and I check one off when I get it done for that day. For as scatterbrained as I claim to be, I have a few methods of organization to help, though I have to pull up my old RoW80 check-ins to make sure I don’t forget anything.

      It helps that I don’t have kids to forget to take to school too, I bet. I mean, there’s the cats, but if I forget something like feeding them, they have ways of remind me, that’s for sure.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, Jennifer! I’m definitely proud of myself and maybe next year, I might even make it all the way!

  5. I am amazed at all the projects that you have going on at once! I absolutely love the idea of the Victorian dating etiquette book! Sounds like it would be a fun project. Have a wonderful and productive week with all you have going on!!

    • se piacerebbero pure a me RPG “vecchio stmapo”, questi sono giapponesi e non si pu pretendere che facciano MMORPG seguendo le culture medievali tipiche del nostro continente. Sarebbe come mangiare “polenta e osei” cucinati da un Siciliano >.<

  6. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. So many projects! The etiquette project sounds intriguing, and writing a book with someone else should be a new experience (I doubt I could work with another writer since I’d probably get bossy and want to take over the story lol). Good luck 🙂

    • Yeah, it should be interesting. I’ve never done it before, but plenty of authors I respect and adore have done it, so I figured it could be worth a shot! It’s definitely proving to be a challenge to balance both of our different ideas, but I have the benefit of being the one with more writing prowess, so I’m mostly in charge of the words right at this point. Lately, it mostly just seems I can’t get them down fast enough for him, though!

  7. Can I just say… wow! I can barely keep my head in the two WIPs I have going on, and you have so many projects. I’m impressed. However do you keep it all straight?!?! Please share. 😉

    Great progress and check in. Wishing you luck for tomorrow’s check in. I’m so far behind… finally getting around to Sunday’s check ins to show some ROW80 support. Bettter late than never, right?

    • I wish I had an answer to how I keep it all straight, Tia, because I wonder sometimes myself! I have a check-list to help me keep track of my word counts, but other than that, I think we just call it an overactive imagination. 😉

      And totally better late than never! Thanks for dropping in!

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