Flash Fiction Friday?

I don’t usually do “themed” posts. With the exception of RoW80 check-ins, I usually just write all willy-nilly about whatever may come to my mind and present itself more freely. This morning, though, after a long and crazy (in a good way!) week, I’m feeling at a loss for what to write about. Call it the shock over looking over the wreckage that NaNoWriMo has wrought. I’m on the cusp of finishing a book, so I could hold out until it’s done and put up its review, but I don’t think I’m as close to finishing as I am (you’re never as close to finishing as you think you are). I could go patrolling for Author Quotes and find one that manages to penetrate through the dull mist of my mind, but that requires a bit too much energy for a girl trying to write a blog pre-coffee and pre-shower (which is a silly idea to begin with).

So I thought to myself: L.S., you should do a writing prompt! A writing prompt? I say. A writing prompt, my brain confirms. I’ve done such before to minimal results (HI D.J.!), but it could be fun! I don’t have anything to offer you but bragging rights, but maybe we could all use a little inspiration in that strange lull after something as intensive as NaNoWriMo.

So, below, you will find a picture and a phrase by which to start your fiction. Be it as long or short as you deem necessary, as long as it incorporates the picture and the line as the start of your story. I might even whip one up myself. Here we go. Ready? Ready!

Every lamp in the city was lit that night….

(Photo from the amazing Five Minute Getaway)

Happy Writing! I’m looking forward to see if anyone is inspired!

And a great big “Thank you!” to robotic rhetoric for following the blog! Welcome aboard! I look forward to putzing around your own blog, as well!


  1. It’s late and I’m mostly asleep, but a story popped into my head as soon as I saw the picture. Here’s my 100 word contribution. Hope you enjoy!

    Every lamp in the city was lit that night. As one, the villagers gathered at the dock and stared across the dark harbour.

    It was late when the sound of voices raised in song drifted across the water. Nobody moved. Even the children stilled their half-hearted games to listen to the mermaids. They only sang after a feast.

    The sun was rising when the song drew to an end. Silence descended. A single voice took up a keening lament. Then another. Then the dawn was alive with sorrow.

    Their menfolk would not be coming home.

  2. I am inspired. I believe I have a scene in my wip about city lights. I’m revising the draft, so if it’s not there I’m going to add it. I’m fond of that sight myself.

    • It’s just so beautiful! There are plenty of gorgeous images on Five Minute Getaway, but I went through three pages before I found this one and it just struck me something good. It’s such a great sight to be inspired by!

  3. I’ve never done a flash fiction piece before… so I’m in! I have some work to do first (boo), so I will post my entry as a post on my site on Friday (and copy it here too) fingers crossed I can come up with something good… 😉

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